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Right Palm
Hand of Major Use

"Burning Thirst For Knowledge"

Dear Readers ~
Let’s begin with examining shape and characteristics of this client’s hands: heavily-lined wider palms with shorter finger length in respect to palm length portray the ‘Fire Social’ palm which indicates creative, adaptable nature.
Prominent blue veins in Venus section of palms reveal deep love and loyalty toward family; as well as more serious nature. However despite the seriousness, this client adapts well in social situations; and is quite resilient with change. He possesses a thirst for knowledge and the winds of transformation – true to his Sagittarius Sun Sign.
Large ‘loop’ dermals positioned on Luna mounts indicate attunement to nature in left palm; and keen memory in right palm.
Positioning of right Mercury finger reveals open-mindedness and receptivity toward others.
‘Pure whorl’ dermals on tip of both Apollo fingers reveal refinement and deep focus regarding creative pursuits. Apollo fingers are long, which reveals masculinity and better chances at gambling.
A large, generously- proportioned thumb indicates good ego and balance of emotions with logic. Client’s thumb does have a ‘waist’ in mid-segment – indicates he is a man who tells it like it is.
Let’s look at right palm lines and markings: client’s hand of major use which reveals objective nature and outward response toward his environment and society’s rules.
*Life line (brown line begins between thumb and Jupiter finger and travels around Venus mount into palm’s base. Reveals physical vitality one can expect throughout one’s life time; plus moves/changes of life style; and interference from relatives) begins high in palm to signal self-starting nature and personal ambition. Brown ‘cross marks’ (x) positioned at beginning of Life line’s inner side reveal interference from close relatives in early age and late teens. Brown cross marks positioned on Life line’s outer edge reveal multiple moves/changes of life style from late teens though client’s late twenties. I see a failed effort (tiny downward line inside Life line about mid-way down) when client is near age thirty. This appears to involve a family situation, as the marking is positioned inside Life line. I see a move/change of life style near age thirty-five – and it appears to be agreeable – as client’s Life line expands widely outward. There are a couple of close together moves/changes near age forty-five -- with some interference from a close relative during this time. Client continues to be involved with expanding life opportunity despite big interference from a distant relative or business associate near age fifty. Life line is doubled - plus assisted by Fate line at this stage of life; and indicates strong physical will and survival instincts. Life line curls comfortable around base of Venus to reveal longevity. ‘Cross marks’ low inside Life line portray meddlesome distant relatives – but client retains strong family ties despite the interference.
*Head line (blue line begins at thumb above Life line and travels horizontally toward palm’s outer edge. Reveals mental strength and direction, thus one’s ability to succeed) is extremely long and rather straight – sign of persistence and keen memory. I see cleverness in debates; successful self-representation and verbal self-defense. Head line ending is firm which signals strong mentality throughout client’s life time – and no dementia in his older years.
*Heart line (long red horizontal line begins at palm’s outer edge and travels up toward Jupiter mount. Reveals one’s capacity for loving) begins ‘feathered’ to indicate various ups and downs – a mercurial youth regarding love. Certain loved ones provide a lot of disappointments, especially during client’s late twenties. In client’s early thirties, things begin to smooth out -- and loving feeling flow well. Client tends to devote large amounts of time accumulating wealth and possessions (note lower branch of Heart line touches Jupiter mount); but is loyal and devoted to loved ones (note upper branch of Heart line lands between Jupiter and Saturn mounts). Client also possesses a Girdle of Venus (pink cradle-like lines above Heart line) which is the hallmark of an artist and passionate soul.
*Marriage crosses (two red ‘cross marks’ - x’s - positioned on Jupiter mount) reveal two marriages or marriage-like love relationships in client’s life time.
*Ambition lines and Personal recognition lines (yellow lines criss-crossing and defining outer edge of Jupiter mount) reveal client’s ability to become a master teacher in his area of profession. He will be remembered for his expertise.
*Affection lines (tiny short red horizontal lines positioned on outer edge of Mercury mount) reveal two pivotal love relationships in client’s life time.
*Child lines (short orange vertical lines attached to Mercury crease – where little finger joins palm) portray three important children – and two of them appear to be males.
*Medical Stigmata (short bright green verticals on and around Mercury mount) signify desire for aiding, assisting or healing others. This is a sign most often found in palms of doctors, therapists, guidance councilors or teachers.
*Mercury/Health lines (dark green verticals beneath Heart line at palm’s outer edge) reveal a strong constitution – and controlled nerves.
*Apollo lines (violet verticals running up into Apollo mount. Presence of this line indicates love of beauty, music and artistry) show client’s best creative results come through collaboration with another, after the age of thirty-five. After age fifty, client’s creative interests expand – and best of all, his ‘ring of Apollo’ signifies inspirational and fun leadership.
*Fate lines (white vertical lines run from base of palm up into Saturn mount. Reveal life direction and devotion – plus one’s satisfaction or dissatisfaction with social and financial standing) indicate strong family ties – but also strong outside interests in early youth through client’s twenties. I see a partnership in his mid-twenties; also a successful career takes off at age thirty-five. There is great desire for balancing home life with profession. Two strong Fate lines running clearly above Heart line reveals successful career and family affiliations. Client is a good motivator well into his golden years.
*Luna mount (violet arched lines defining Luna mount are intuition lines) portrays unusual imagination and creativity. Client’s brain is always working -- he is an idea man.
*Wrist Rascettes (at least three visible) indicate luck and longevity with three lines. Top rascettes is humped – sign of love for children.

Left Palm
Client's Silent Hand

Let’s look at left palm lines and markings: client’s ‘silent’ hand, which reflects subjective nature and inner response toward his environment and society’s rules.
*Life line (in silent hand Life line reveals emotional rather than physical status) begins high and doubled – showing strong emotional resistance toward stress. There is a great deal of family stress which actually causes or trains client to become more strategic when encountering family obstacles. I see an important move/change of life style in client’s early twenties; and a couple of close together moves in his mid- twenties. Near age thirty-five I see a move/change of life style that coincides with marking in right palm’s Life line. I see extreme personal efforts (note ‘triangles’ embedded in Life line) in early through mid-forties – this involves both career and family life. Triangles represent obstacles successfully overcome by one’s inner will and perseverance. I see another triangle on Life line in client’s fifties, followed by a significant move/change of life style.
*Head line begins slightly dipped beneath Life line’s beginning – sign of a rebel and free-thinker. Head line is doubled through client’s fifties – sign of superior mental strength and flexibility. Note ending of Head line has an upward lilt – sign of luck in making money.
*Heart line reveals ambivalent feelings toward romantic involvements until near age thirty – when Heart line smoothes to reveal normal flow of loving energies. Client possesses a ‘triple fork’ configuration on Heart line ending – sign of wise choice of marriage partner.
Two marriage crosses are also present in this hand – but I only see one affection line – meaning client will have just one true love.
Child lines – I see at least four in this hand – sign of client’s love for children and grandchildren.
*Empathy lines (positioned same as medical stigmata in right palm) signify deep love for mankind; understanding of others plights and desire for alleviating pain in this world.
*Apollo lines reveal talent and a partnership will bring success at age thirty-five – note lines join at intersection of Head line. I see another successful endeavor with an outsider just before age fifty that brings strong personal satisfaction and status well into your golden years – note ‘trident’ formation on Apollo mount – an unusual and most excellent sign.
*Fate lines reveals innate creativity and flexibility – note all those branches coming from Luna mount! I see a partnership in client’s mid-twenties- and strong success/satisfaction with career and family. Fate line runs high into Saturn mount and ends crowned with a ‘cross’ mark – sign of humbleness and knowledge that one must always seek their higher self.
*Luna mount contains lines of mental travel, intuition, unusual imagination. Client is a creative force -- able to incorporate his imagination into tangible projects.
*Anxiety lines (yellow lines originating from Venus mount and radiating toward palm’s outer edge) are deeply-etched in both palms which means success through sheer perseverance.

Let’s summarize and answer client’s questions: 1.) How wealthy will I become? My Answer ~ you possess the ‘Magic M’ in both palms. This configuration is formed by the Life, Head, Heart, and Fate lines and is a sign of luck in making money. Apollo fingers are a good length and Mercury mid-segments reveal social status. Left palm’s Head line ending shows lucky money-making. These four signs, plus your long Fate lines indicate wealth and personal satisfaction with it. Your anxiety lines are incredibly strong -- and are another financial success indicator. Looks to me that age thirty-five is when the really good stuff begins.
2,) How successful will I be career-wise? My Answer ~ your waist-less thumbs and relatively straight, incredibly long Head line indicate straight-arrow personality and intense mentality. You are unwavering and persistent when it comes to personal standards- so others can believe in you. Your left palm’s Apollo trident reveals potential for strong public recognition; and outwardly curving Apollo lines in both palms reveal a most flexible nature and natural ability for working well with others. Because of your loyalty and desire for bonding with the right people you will retain status career-wise well into old age. Fate lines show personal satisfaction; and teacher’s squares on right Jupiter mount show you will be remembered for your exceptional techniques.
3.) How much education will I pursue? My Answer ~ you will always be pursuing education – your brain has a thirst for knowledge. You feel you can never know enough. Fate lines reveal excellent devotion to live a purposeful life path. Your resources will come through knowing the right people (outward Apollo lines) and retaining their friendship throughout your lifetime (Anxiety lines). Keep your good friends and they will support your dreams. If you are not pursuing a career that involves teaching or guiding others, you should be – as you possess the marking of a master teacher as well as the medical stigmata and empathy lines. There is strong love for children so teaching the young seems most appropriate for you.

*If any of you have questions or comments, feel free to contact me.*

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