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Earth Sign
(April 21st - May 21st )

Taurus the Bull
Taurus, an Earth Sign

Taurus is an Earth sign that rules the neck and represents a Bull –powerful figure of staying power. If you are born under this sun sign you most likely love beauty, music, material possessions and financial security.
Typical Taureans operate on contained energy, spending tons of time decision-making. Naturally this sign is synonymous with stability and intensity of feelings.
A dyed-in-the-wool Taurus has wide palms with knuckled fingers – hands that show physical vitality and deep thought before action.
Finger nails may be square for dependability; or conic for love of art and beauty.
Thumb should be square with ample tip, and positioned @ two inches from palm to reveal strong emotion.
A well-rounded Venus mount and full unbroken girdle of Venus portray lusty but controlled appetite for love.
Luna mount should be well-rounded, because most Taureans are creative and musically-inclined.
Life line should curl fully around mount of Venus to reflect love of home, comfort, food and sex.
Head line should end with an upward curl to show knack for money-making.
An unchained Heart line should end between index and middle finger - sign of possessiveness combined with devotion.
Dependability and determination are reflected in a strong unbroken line of Fate; and artistic talent by presence of a strong line of Apollo.
Last but not least, business acumen is represented by a long Mercury finger --and a trident on Mercury mount.

(August 24th - September 23rd )

Virgo the Virgin
Virgo Palm Characteristics

VIRGO the Virgin 

Dear Readers ~
Virgo is the Earth sign in Astrology that rules pancreas, intestines and digestive organs. This sign is also symbolized by the Virgin – a chaste, modest discriminating figure. If YOU happen to be born under this Sun sign, you possess gifts of helping, training or teaching others. Analyzing and finding the solution to problems comes naturally. Your ability to neatly organize everything wins you the title ‘official file clerk of the zodiac’.
Earthy Virgos have long capable, knotty fingers – hallmark of a philosopher /thinker. Palms are longer than wide -- portrays introspective and modest personality.
Square finger tips and nails reveal dependability; spatulate tips /nails indicate the tireless giver; and conic tips/nails reveal desire for perfect beauty.
Fingers and thumbs are held in rather protective stance, with thumb stretched no more than @ two inches from palm – sign of moderation and even temperament.
Venus and Luna mounts may not be as pronounced as Jupiter, Saturn, Apollo, and Mercury mounts –indicates more intellectual than physical approach.
Head line likely ends in a ‘common sense combined with creativity’ configuration – long straight line across palm with small fork on ending.
Head and Heart line may be positioned with narrow space between, indicating modesty and introversion.
Even though Virgos are near perfect – some can possess negative sides - like harsh criticism, fussiness or prudishness.
Some negative signs you’d rather not see in Virgo hands are:
Very short nails: reveal overly-critical attitude.
Large thumb chain: shows obstinate, argumentative character.
Long straight Head line stretching all the way to outer edge of palm reveals extreme intelligence -- with fussy, argumentative ‘that’s final’ personality. Even though this type is usually right, they are difficult to work with and seem to delight in finding other’s mistakes and deepest failings.
Some positive lines or markings you want to see in Virgo hands are:
Square marking located on Jupiter mount –sign of a memorable teacher; or double square marking on Jupiter mount – sign of a master teacher.
Fate line that is long and unbroken -portrays Virgo’s burning knowledge of his/her true purpose in life.
Last but certainly not least, look for several short vertical lines called Medical Stigmata on Mercury mount in hand of major use -- presence of multiple lines reveal the true Virgo’s deep heart-felt need to assist and heal humanity.

Earth Sign
( December 22nd -January 20th )



"Do You Have A Money Hand?"

Will I be rich?
Signs of Money in the Palm

Dear Readers ~
Everyone knows there are two main ways to get money – you make it yourself - or it is given to you.
For the first way, you should have a longer Mercury finger and longer round or square-tipped thumb. Then look at your palm to see a formation of the ‘Magic M’ - which is shaped by segments of Heart line (red); Fate line (white); Head line (blue); and Life line (brown). The “M” shown in this illustration is symmetrical and symbolizes your general luckiness with making money.
For overnight success you should have a well-defined star (*) positioned on your Jupiter mount under pointer finger.
Next look for an upward turn of the Head line ending (blue Horizontal) – which again shows a knack and drive for making money --but not necessarily keeping it. It’s also important to have an ambitious-looking Fate line (white vertical) with several short upward branches called lines of success.
Anxiety lines (yellow dotted line) should run from Venus mount toward Mercury mount – and these reveal your strong desire for financial success.
A star mark or a trident positioned on Mercury mount reveals respectively brilliant business success, or shrewd business skills. And a triangle just above Venus mount shows you possess excellent strategy in your financial planning.
Last but not least look for a Jupiter trident or a line of self-promotion (yellow dotted line running low through Jupiter mount) -- because these signs indicate the confidence and drive it takes for you to make it!

For the second way of making money or inheritance of wealth, I mainly look for a well-shaped ample thumb with four or more “rings” on middle segment – a sign of entitlement, wealth and glory.
Also important is presence of an Apollo line (violet) that originates from Venus mount - means expected family inheritance.
And another sure sign of better life style is a break in the Life line with a cross (brown ‘x’) and continuance of Life line outside of original line.
Most importantly, does money make you happy? If there is a cross mark positioned at the ending of your Life line – this shows happiness in old age.
And a well-shaped trident positioned on Saturn mount under middle finger reveals you become a financially secure philosopher in your old age.
Lastly Dear Readers ~ you will need at least three of any of these special signs to accurately forecast your promise of wealth!

Written by MTrue Palmist, who has read palms world-wide for over 30 years; and maintains online presence at Mystery for 17 years. As MTrue, aka Mary Trueschel, my writings have been published on Astro;;;, and Face Book. I’ve been on T.V; Wisdom Radio and Empire Radio; performed at fairs and parties; starred at a Dior Event in NYC; and I continue to provide accurate palmistry readings for numerous regular clientele online. is included in the "Top 100 Palmistry Sites" WORLDWIDE. So if accuracy, honesty, and sensitivity are what you desire – you need to contact me for an in-depth palmistry reading:

Will I be rich?
Signs of Money in the Palm