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Hand of major use
Right palm lines

“Long Passionate Life”

Dear Readers ~
Let’s look at right palm lines and markings: this client’s hand of major use which reveals objective nature and outward response toward her environment and society’s rules.
*Life line (brown line begins between thumb and Jupiter mount and travels around Venus mount into palm base. Reveals physical vitality one can expect throughout lifetime; moves/changes of lifestyle; and interference from relatives and friends) begins midway up palm inner edge and melded with a split Head line. This formation shows client was controlled by family well into her twenties. She just recently broke free at the age of twenty-five. Life line is doubled beginning at age twenty-five and this indicates great passion for life and all the opportunities in the world! I see interference from a close relative all through youth and early twenties – but the last of it happens at age twenty-five. Life line appears tripled until age thirty – sign of a powerhouse personality and exuberant health and physical endurance. Life line is doubled from age thirty through late forties – revealing physical vitality and resilience to stress. Early thirties are a time of many successful personal and career-related projects (note the tiny brown upward effort lines attached to both inner and outer edges of Life line. The inner lines reveal personal victories and the outer relate to career and working with outsiders. I see interference from either a friend or distant relative at 35. Both Life lines are smooth afterwards – always good sign – that client solves the ‘beef’. Two star markings appear on mid to low Venus mount and these indicate being lucky in love in her forties. Despite interference from a friend or business associate (following “x” mark on Venus mount) I see a fish mark (swimming upward) and this is a sign of wealth and prosperity. Many squares of protection appear on Venus mount and signify heightened survival instincts. In early fifties, I see a cross mark (x) embedded in Life line and this reveals a major obstacle or possible injury. I don’t see an illness -- as there is no island mark that would indicate illness and loss. It is just a time to be careful and especially on guard for physical safety. All those cross marks positioned on outer edge of Life line reveal moves/changes of life style, variety of life! Life line is long and complete – a rare sign and means client will have a long passionate life.
*Head line (blue lines begin above Life line and run horizontally toward outer edge of palm. Head line reveals mental strength and direction – thus ability to succeed). There are actually three segments of a Head line – the lowest-positioned line welded with Life line shows family control like an iron fist. It also reveals ability to make good money working with family (fork ending lifts upward). The short top segment positioned to the right side and with a slight branch toward Heart line reveals willingness to give all in love. The middle-positioned segment running toward palm outer edge reveals deep intelligence, common sense, and technical talent. But because these lines are in segments, this configuration reveals headaches, confusion and loss of focus so far in client’s life. It looks like there is always some outside factor or person that is an obstacle in client’s path to success. Age thirty-five (where the middle Head line segment begins under area of middle finger) is when everything falls into place and life gets smoother for this client. I see a wonderful career in technology because of the formation of this middle Head line segment – it shows common sense, fact-gathering and strong intelligence.
*Heart line (long red horizontal line begins at palm outer edge and travels toward Jupiter mount. The Heart line reveals capacity for loving) begins with an island which shows division of loving energies in early youth. Upward and downward ‘feathering’ of Heart line reveals mercurial emotions of youth. Slight doubling of Heart line in early youth and all through client’s twenties shows increased passion in love relationships – but also greater tendency for being hurt in love. I see a happy love relationship (line lifts upward) in mid-twenties. Then by age thirty the formation of an island shows secrets and tendency for being hurt in love relationships – and this tendency continues till almost age 50. Client is very sensitive so she must always be extra selective about the ones she chooses to love.

Affection Lines
Side View of Right Palm

*Affection lines (short red horizontal lines positioned at outer edge of Mercury mount) reveal three pivotal love relationships in client’s life time. The lowest affection line represents client’s first meaningful love relationship that appears in her late teens to early twenties and it looks happy – line lifts upward which is a sign of laughter. The second pivotal love relationship is indicated by middle affection line – and note this line is positioned in the middle of the spacing between upper edge of Heart line and the Mercury crease. This shows a marriage that is closer to age thirty and it starts out well but ends with a fork -- means lovers end up going separate ways. The third relationship is set up higher and appears the most long-lasting. This relationship appears to take place in client’s mid to late forties – and it endures the test of time, but ends with client outliving her spouse. Client will have two, possible three children with the second love relationship. All the short green vertical lines on Mercury mount reveal client possesses healing nature/ ability for healing and encouraging others

Fate Lines
Right palm lines

*Fate line (long white verticals running up toward Saturn mount. Reveal devotion to life path; plus satisfaction or dissatisfaction with personal social and financial standing in life) begins conventionally centered (white ^ mark) at palm base but early on client’s path changes to strong need for creative expression (note shift of Fate line to Luna mount). Note the three drooping white lines positioned on the Life line – these are actually part of Fate line (it is also melded with Life line so it is called a supporting Fate line. This strengthens qualities of Life line - and these drooping lines are a good sign of inheritances. These fortunate lines are positioned on Life line in client’s mid-thirties to mid-forties. Moving on up to the lowest-positioned Head line, note a centered Fate line runs between lowest and middle Head line segments. This shows happiness with family activities at that time. At the same time another outer-positioned Fate line shows happiness in career and working with outsiders. I see two successful project after age thirty-five and one continues successfully well into client’s seventies. Client fortunately possesses a high-positioned Fate line with a lovely trident on Saturn mount – the hallmark of financial security in old age. The Saturn trident is also recognized as the brand of a true philosopher.

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