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Suwon Crease
Right palm lines

“Suwon Crease”

Dear Readers ~
Let’s begin with examining shape and characteristics of this palm: long busily-lined palm and long slender conic-tipped fingers place this palm in the “Water Sensitive” category. Note base of both palms appears wider than finger crease (where fingers join palm) – sign of energy retention. Water people absorb information and always tend to mull it over before reacting. Thoughtful, sensitive and soulful –Water people are often intuitive and psychic – thus prosper in careers where reading others is most important. Both thumbs are long and well-proportioned to reveal an ‘I can do’ capable personality. Large well-developed Venus mount strengthens physical qualities of the Life lines. Luna mount is rosy in coloring, deeply etched with mental travel lines - and includes a Pluto mount – sign of exercised intuitive talent /clairvoyance. Because this client is a naturally curious Sagittarian, I’m sure she has been to other palmists who told her she has a complicated palm. Both palms contain a most unusual configuration - especially for females – the Suwon Crease. This configuration was first noted in the orient and seen in only males during an extensive study period performed on thousands of Koreans. The Suwon crease consists of two complete Head lines with a long extensive Heart line that joins the upper Head line near radial (thumb side) of the palm. This configuration is associated with notably superior intelligence; but also tendency toward neuroticism. Only .5% of 5,196 participants in a Korean study had the Suwon Crease and mainly had it in the left palm.
Let’s look at Right palm : client’s hand of major use which reveals objective nature and outward response toward environment and society’s rules.
*Life line (brown line begins between thumb and Jupiter finger - then travels around Venus mount into palm base. Reveals physical vitality one can expect; moves/changes of life style; and interference from friends and relatives) begins super high in palm – sign of a go-getter with natural ambition and talent – a true self-promoter! Beginning of Life line breaks free from Head line quite early in life - which shows natural independence as well. Note Life line breaks but overlaps on outside of original line in several segments. The breaks indicate big change – but for the better as Life line continues on outside of original line. The topmost break and overlapped line begins at age 18; the second break and overlapped line shows increased opportunity at age 25. Note the interior segment of Life line continues through client’s twenties and thirties and contains an ‘island’ starting at age thirty-five. The island indicates stress or a hidden illness for a period of about five years. Note the following ‘x’ mark (called cross mark in palmistry) positioned beneath the island – this cross means a positive change of life style in client’s early forties. Note the following incredible widening of outer Life line after this period of transition – widening of Life line shows increased vigor, love of life’s bounties, and career improvements with advancements/ increased opportunities. Note the large triangle marking positioned inside Life line during client’s early fifties through early sixties – meaning of this is a time of tremendous personal discretion and diplomacy. Note the numerous squares positioned on Venus mount in lower palm – sign of increased survival instincts in latter half of life. And the big news is client is in for a HUGE move/change of life style (indicated by large cross mark positioned low on outer edge of Life line) starting in her mid-fifties through age seventy. This appears to be the most golden and successful stage of her life. Her powers of intuition (indicated by low violet line Via Lascivia touching base of cross mark) will lead her to the top of her career and powers of influence will be at their greatest.
*Head lines (blue lines begin above Life line beginning with one Head line dropping off into Luna mount and the other resting midway on outer edge of palm. Double Head lines – complete double Head lines like this are incredibly rare. Any main line becomes twice as powerful when it is doubled. Client possesses remarkable powers of intuition; prescience, and creativity (indicated by Lunar Head line); and remarkable memory and focus (indicated by upper Head line). A rather large ‘island’ at beginning of upper Head line shows headaches and indecision in early teens through age 20. The blue cross near beginning of Lunar Head line reveals serious nature and the following triangle mark positioned on lower Head line reveals two obstacles overcome by client’s inner will when she is near age thirty. (age gauge is slightly different on the Head line compared to gauge of Life line). Because Lunar Head line ends in a sort of ‘star’ formation (formed by Via Lascivia and ending of Head line) client must avoid alcoholic beverages. Upper Head line reveals success and strong focus with no dementia in old age.
*Heart line (long red lines begin at palm outer edge and travel toward thumb side of palm. Anytime a Heart line is doubled this shows great passion with a tendency for being hurt in love relationships. The upper Heart line reveals independence with strong sexual drive and lower Heart line reveals cautiousness in love. There are two sides to this client – she desires happiness and harmony in love relationships -- but she doesn’t easily trust others. She desires someone who is at least equal or better regarding social and financial status (trophy mate). Length of middle segment of this client’s Mercury finger overwhelms length of fingertip -- and this shows status is very important to her concerning marriage.

Silent Hand
Left Palm Lines

Let’s look at Left palm: client’s ‘silent’ hand, which reveals subjective nature and inner dreamy response toward her environment and society’s rules.
*Life line (long brown line. In silent hand the Life line reveals emotional status, rather than the physical status of right palm). I see much inner stress because of relatives in client’s early age through late teens (note multiple brown ‘cross’ marks positioned inside beginning of Life line). Client had to exercise discretion in mid to late teens (top brown ‘triangle’ near Lower Mars mount). The following overlapped Life line configuration indicates secrecy and bottling of feelings during client’s twenties. A following brown triangle on Venus mount reveals important rules of discretion practiced in late twenties. I see an obstacle (following brown cross mark embedded in Life line) caused by someone of great influence when client is near age thirty. This influence line crosses through Fate line so this shows a divorce or ending of that relationship. Client has a move/change of life style just after age thirty-five and this causes interference from a close relative (brown cross inside Life line). The ‘star’ mark next to interference cross mark represents luckiness in love in late thirties, early forties. After that stage the Life line overlaps to reveals two options and that client takes the path involving more social life. I see some slight disapproval from a close relative. Life line ending also shows a great deal of travel and socializing. Client possesses strong survival instincts; has a knack for collaborating with the ‘right people’; and the stamina to live a full life.
*Head lines (blue horizontal lines above Life line) reveal strong attachment to family members – note the beginning of Head and Life lines remain melded until about age 25. The long deeply-etched ending of top line is the writer’s fork –sign of literary talent. The lower Head line is in the Lunar configuration – sign of dreamy, creative nature and clairvoyance.
* Heart lines (long horizontal red lines). The lower Heart line reveals willingness to spend long hours devoted to career success and financial reward. This will tend to cause problems in romance. The upper Heart line reveals desire for the perfect mate – but the embedded ‘island’ shows ambivalence concerning love relationships. Girdle of Venus (bright pink cradle-like line above upper Heart line) reveals intense creative energy and sexuality.
Now let’s summarize and address client’s question:
Do you see me changing jobs in the near future and will I be successful?
My Answer ~ Yes I see a change of direction when you are age 35 – and that you will opt for more travel and career-related social activities. You possess intuitive powers and have the knack of choosing the right people to do business with. But you have even more to look forward to because your fifties through mid-sixties will be the most successful and influential time of life. Your line configurations reveal wonderful discretion when dealing with clients; political talent and inventive ideas for getting the job done. You will definitely need to travel more for your career after age thirty-five.

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