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Sagittarius the Archer
Sagittarian Palm Traits

PALM of the MONTH: Sagittarius the Archer (November23rd to December 21st)

Dear Readers ~
Sagittarius, a Fire sign ruling the thighs is symbolized by the Archer – a soul who seeks new directions to shoot his arrows.
If you happen to be born under this Sun sign, you are both a teacher and preacher of self-knowledge and change.
A true Sagittarius is exuberant in his/her quest for truth; so this sign maintains the reputation of high-mindedness.
Palmar qualities the true Sagittarian typically possesses are long palms with shorter fingers – traits that reveal quick reaction and creative drive.
Knotty philosopher’s fingers, and widely-spaced thumbs and fingers reveal the open-mindedness of Sagittarius.
Thumb is often low-set, which portrays outrageous and eccentric personality.
The bottom width of the palm should be narrower than width across fingers.
Nails are often spatulate in shape which suggests tireless energy and enthusiasm; or conic-shaped to indicate creative talent.
Palms are often yellow-ish in coloring -- the color of a studious nature.
Because Sagittarius loves walking, running, horseback riding and sports, the Life line should be long and deeply etched – sign of vitality. Love of travel will be indicated by a Life line that ends closer to Luna mount instead of curving comfortably around Venus mount.
Head line will be long, curving downward and ending in a small fork – line configuration of one who creates reality out of fantasy and possesses literary talent.
There may be presence of a Jupiter line - an accessory line that screams ambition; also an Apollo line – hallmark line of creative fire.

Sagittarius the Archer
Sagittarian Palm Traits

Empathy lines should grace the Mercury mount because these portray a soul who loves to assist, teach and guide.
The Jupiter mount may contain a square marking -- or even a double square which happens to be the sign of a master teacher.
Sometimes Sagittarius comes off as overly-optimistic or high-strung – a person who fearlessly goes forth into the world, flying by the seat of his/her pants. And because of all the exuberance going on with Sagittarius, it’s difficult to acknowledge they have negative sides – like hypocrisy and financial disaster.
Below are palm signs you don’t want to see in a Sagittarian:
*Very hollow palm or curled thumb tip – both traits mean trouble holding onto money.
*Circle marking on Mercury mount (under little finger) – shows one who needs to be more honest with self.
*Cross marking on Saturn mount – means chronically losing things in travel, or being accident-prone – twisted ankles and sprains, particularly with a Sagittarian.


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