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 palm lines and markings
Gemini Palm Traits

Gemini the Twins

Dear Readers ~
Gemini, an Air sign that rules the hands, arms, lungs and nervous system is symbolized by Twins. If you happen to be born under this sun sign you have a positive intellectual way of verbalizing thoughts. You behave and look more youthful than your peers throughout your lifetime. A true Gemini, like the butterfly's wings always has two sides - surprising others with unanticipated actions or refurbished opinions. Communication is a must with Gemini -- so if you stop talking, Gemini disappears to greener pastures in search of newer more stimulating social circles. Awareness, versatility and being forever young - all Gemini traits- are revealed by shorter spatulate palms with longer out-stretched fingers and thumbs. The Mercury finger and tip should be especially long as it represents a silver tongue, as well as humor and sexuality. Some Gemini's are easily attracted to both sexes, and often sport pinkie rings on both fingers. Palms should be relatively free of anxiety lines, except for influence lines inside the Venus mount - a sign of many friendships. The Luna mount should be well-developed to portray the Gemini's immense capacity for dreams, creativity, and mental travel. The Life, Head, and Heart lines will appear light, or air-like -- and there may also be a long double Head line which reveals intensified mentality. The Head line may also divide under the Saturn finger, which shows ability to understand both sides of issues -- or dual personality. The Heart line should be lightly feathered - a sign of many friendships due to Gemini's well-known flights of freedom and duplicity. And last but not least, a long Fate line, ending on or near the Jupiter mount reveals magnificent talent for public speaking -- one of Gemini's grand fortes.

 palm lines and markings
Gemini the Twins

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"Mystery Palm" intends to educate the public about the ancient art of hand reading. I personally select participants from the clients in my Private Reading database. "Mystery Palm" readings are edited versions - to respect and insure privacy for my clients.
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