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Right Palm Lines
Right-Handed Client

"Out With The Old, In With The New"

Dear Readers ~
Let’s look at right palm: hand of major use reflects objective, outward response toward environment and society’s rules.
*Life line (brown line begins between thumb and Jupiter finger, travels around Venus mount toward palm’s base. Reveals physical vitality; moves/changes of life style; interference from relatives and friends) begins unusually high – hallmark of ambition and self-starting attitude from early youth. A ‘star’ mark embeds beginning of Life line – sign of conflict in early years. An ‘island’ mark follows which reveals stress in early teens. Upward ‘ambition lines’ follow and portray deep desire for recognition in mid-teens. I see a move/change of life style at about age 16 (topmost small brown ‘x’ high on outside of Life line). There is interference from close relatives and friends at about age 18 and 20. A ‘triangle’ appears high on Venus mount touching Lower Mars mount – sign of terrific business talent. This particular triangle may also indicate being an excellent military official. A cross (x) locate on Lower Mars mount signifies client is strict on self. I see another move/change of life style at about age 21. At this same point Life line doubles -- indicates strong physical reserves. The outer Life line reveals interference from immediate relatives between ages 30-35. The inner Life line contains a ‘square’ mark revealing feelings of confinement or over-protection at about age 25. Additional ‘squares’ appear close by on Venus mount and symbolize increased survival instincts. A ‘triangle’ appears on Venus mount near thumb crease to reveal smart attitude toward love and romance. Life line becomes a single line at about age 40 and because it continues inside more toward Venus mount reveals need for limiting certain physical activities client indulged in previously. In early 40’s I see another move/change of life style. A ‘star’ on Venus surrounded by crosses reveals luckiness in love despite interference from friends or distant relatives in mid-40s. Additional ‘squares’ follow low on Venus mount to symbolize strong survival instincts. I see another move/change of life style in mid-60s that enhances love life and happiness in client’s golden years.
*Head line (blue line above Life line begins between thumb and Jupiter fingers and travels toward palm’s outer edge. Reveals strength and direction of mental powers – thus one’s ability to succeed) Begins high and joined with Life line – shows strong ambition combined with need for family closeness. Quality of line is deep and unblemished which indicates sound mental faculties. A slight downward slant at mid-palm’s edge is the common sense configuration. Ending of Head line is smooth and untasseled – reveals sound mental faculties in golden years.
*Heart line (long red line begins at palm’s outer edge and travels somewhat horizontally across palm toward Jupiter mount. Reveals capacity for loving) begins with feathering to signify mercurial emotions of youth. I see a couple of happy love experiences at ages 25 and 27. Heart line becomes somewhat ‘chained’ afterwards to reveal stress in love relationships. Chaining continues through age 44. Normal flow of loving energies returns after then; and at age 50 Heart line overlaps with ‘sister line’ to indicate intensified passion. Heart line ends mid-way on outer edge of Jupiter mount which shows client requires mate of better or at least equal social/financial standing as her own in order to be happy.
*Mercury or Health lines (darker green verticals beneath Heart line) are terribly frayed and stem from line of Life. This configuration shows digestive problems and frayed nerves – making it apparent client needs better rest, proper nutrition and pampering.

Left Palm Lines
Left Hand

Looking at left palm: ‘silent’ hand reveals subjective nature and inner dreamy response toward environment and society’s rules. (Note Life line of silent hand reflects emotional rather than physical status).
*Life line begins high in palm to reveal natural leadership strengths and strong ambition from early age. I see a couple of episodes of interference coming from close relatives in mid-teens. Interference comes from distant relatives or friends at about age 18. I see a small move/change of life style in early 20s; and after then Life line doubles to reveal more emotional strength and resiliency against stress. In early 30s Life line breaks but overlaps indicating two changes of life style. Late 30s brings another move/change of life style. Life line continues inside of original line revealing need for modifying lifestyle at about age 35. From 35 through 50 I see strong emotional fortitude. Life line doubles again from 50 through 60 - despite interference from friends and relatives and two more small moves/changes of life style. Survival instincts are further heightened in golden years.
*Head line begins high indicating strong personal focus from early age. I see more independent attitude in early 20’s. Age forty brings some indecision and headaches that last about a year. Head line reveals normal flow of mental energies afterwards and continues in a sharp downward descent into the Luna mount. This configuration unveils the fact client must be allowed creative freedom of expression in order to be truly happy in life. A tiny upward branch on Head line’s ending indicates lucky knack for making money.
*Heart line shows stress especially in early to mid-twenties that may have caused health problems at that time. I see islands from 26 through mid-thirties that indicate more stress/division of emotional energies in love relationships. After age 40 Heart line appears to smooth which reveals normal flow of loving energies from then on. Ending configuration indicates deep need to be proud of life mate. I see two marriage crosses in this palm which signify ability for two happy marriages or marriage-like relationships.
*Mercury (Health) lines are considerably frayed in this palm also which shows stress on digestive organs and nervous system. Illnesses are certain to manifest unpleasantly unless client adopts more suitable life style by age 40 – and stays with the program.
Client asked this question:
What does my Life line reveal about my health?
* My Answer: Health lines are quite frayed and also joined at some juncture with Life line in both palms. This configuration reveals delicate digestive system as well as stress on nervous system. You need to make a big change of life style as indicated in right palm at age 40. This will be for the better. You will have to curtail some former activities in order to protect your well-being. Your Life line is assisted by a strong Fate line in both palms which is a good sign. You don’t have to worry about a short life but must concentrate on the quality of it by improving dietary habits diligently. This will probably involve letting go of so-called friends or associates who won’t respect your new life style. You must adopt the adage ‘out with the old and in with the new’!

*If any of you have concerns or comments, feel free to contact me.*

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