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Leo the Lion Palm Characteristics

PALM of the MONTH: Leo the Lion
July 24- August 23

Dear Readers ~
Leo is a Fire sign that rules the heart and is symbolized by the Lion - brave, courageous and proud. If you are born under this Sun sign, knowledge that you have power to rule comes naturally. The true Leo reacts with chutzpah, courage, and extroverted grandiose gestures in personal, social and professional situations.
Shorter fingers in relationship to palm length indicate Leo makes quick decisions. This is a Fire sign attribute; and having wider palms indicates that Leo is a socially and physically-oriented extrovert.
Conic finger tips and nails belong to the artistic Leo; pointed tips and nails reveal one secretive and possibly sneaky; and square tips and nails represent the organizer or boss of all bosses.
Delightfully extroverted, Leo hold fingers and thumbs widely-spaced to reveal open- mind attitude.
Leos have extraordinary ways of expressing themselves, reflected in the palm by an independent-type Head line that begins totally separated from the Life line.
A dyed in the wool Leo has rather wide spacing between Head line and Heart line - this is an indication of flamboyance in love and a fun extrovert.
Leo happens to be the most intensely self-aware sign of the zodiac; but along with this persona comes false pride and subsequent imperiousness attitude.
Negative signs reflected in the Leo palm are:
Grille mark on Jupiter mount reveals egotism and a domineering individual.
Island mark on Apollo mount indicates loss of reputation and one who needs to pay better attention to self- image.
Island mark on the Apollo line indicates a Leo who must constantly be aware of the effect their actions cause, or suffer the consequences. .

leo palm traits
Leo the Lion Palm Characteristics

Presence of a double Heart line is not a bad thing - it means intensified capacity for love - but on the downside reveals being easily hurt in love. Leo can be intensely hurt in romance through issues of pride and/or reputation.
On the upside -- positive palm signs for Leo should include a plush, rosy-colored Venus mount --- sign of a lusty, vigorous Leo; and a long Luna mount -- sign of an artistic Leo.
A trident marking on Leo's Jupiter mount is the hallmark of a self-assured pioneer and born leader.
Leo's self-image is intensely treasured - and this is revealed by a strong uncrossed line of Apollo - hallmark of the successful entertainer, artist or musician.
And lastly, but not least - look for a trident mark on Leo's Apollo mount - as this sign portrays the true celebrity.


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