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right palm lines and markings
Right Palm
Affection Lines and Child Lines
Palm's Right Side

"Ready for the Right Relationship"

Dear Readers ~
Let’s begin with examining this client’s right palm lines and markings: hand of major use which reveals objection nature and outward response toward ones environment and society’s rules.
*Life Line (brown line surrounding Venus mount) : Note where I marked age 35, a ‘triangle’ marking attaches to outer edge of Life line. This ‘triangle’ shows two opposing forces overcome by one’s inner will – thus is interpreted as a time of tremendous personal effort that is finally followed by success. This period begins from age 35 and runs through this client’s early forties. It is a fortuitous sign to possess and one to be proud of. The large blue-colored ‘cross’ attached from Life line’s outer edge with Fate line is a “St. Joseph’s cross’ – sign of one willing to travel in order to assist others. This sign is most often observed in palms of missionaries, paramedics, and those who travel distances for their occupations. Life line contains an inner ‘sister’ line from about age 42 to mid-fifties which portrays increased physical resistance during that stage of life –another excellent sign of health and strength. I see several significant moves/changes of life style in client’s early fifties and sixties.
*Head line (blue horizontal line begins at palm’s inner edge and travels toward outer edge) reveals headaches and indecision – possible migraines accompanied by worrisome thoughts from client’s mid-twenties through age 50. I see a strengthening of mental energies after that stage and even more into client’s older years. Client possesses incredible inventive, creative energy combined with common sense.
*Heart line (long red horizontal line runs from palm’s outer edge up toward Jupiter mount) is so heavily ‘chained’ I am tending to believe client has some physical mineral deficiency and should be taking vitamin supplements. Heavy chaining from another point of view represents fickle nature – but I don’t get that impression from this client. Note a ‘triple fork’ on lower ending of Heart line near Jupiter mount. Above that lower ending is continuation of Heart line in a formation that reveals loyalty combined with possessiveness. Loyalty is good – possessiveness, not so much.
*Fate line (white vertical lines run from base of palm up into Saturn mount. I see intensified personal satisfaction with life direction from age 35 through early fifties. This is client’s best time for choosing a life mate; and a time when she can strongly handle family, career and personal life -- and do it all well!
*Apollo line (violet vertical line below and on Apollo mount) shows a partnership stimulates career creativity in client’s fifties. An obstacle is overcome in client’s sixties; and I see two satisfying creative activities that bring client deep personal happiness.
*Affection line (short red horizontal line on Mercury mount’s outer edge. indicates one long love relationship and this line is positioned more than mid-way up Mercury mount’s edge to reveal it begins after age 35, through old age. This singular affection line puts the focus on client’s early forties.
*Child line (short orange vertical lines attached to bright green Mercury crease) portrays two children.

Left Palm Lines and Markings
Left Palm Lines and Markings
Affection Lines and Child Line
Palm's Left Side

Let’s look at left palm lines and markings:client’s silent hand which reveals dreamy subjection nature and inner response toward environment and society’s rules.
*Life line contains an interesting sign beneath the age thirty-five marker. Note what appears as a ‘trident’ embedded in Life line in client’s early forties (42-43). The inner and upward branch forms a ‘line of successful effort’ concerning family; and the outer and upward branch is a ‘line of successful effort’ concerning business and dealings with outsiders. This is a wonderful time for client -- packed with personal satisfaction and successful career opportunity. This is client’s prime time -- so she MUST take full advantage during this stage of life.
*Head line – there is a ‘sister line’ which doubles powers of Head line positioned in center of Head line. This ‘sister line’ reveals greater ability to focus during client’s period of greatest opportunity.
*Heart line ending configuration portrays possessive nature.
*Fate line shows two satisfying endeavors well into client’s golden years. Family appears to bring client the greater happiness, or feelings of accomplishment. But a career partnership after age fifty also brings feelings of pride and satisfaction.
*Apollo line echoes two satisfying endeavors from age fifty onward. These lines are straight and unwavering – a successful configuration.
*Luna mount contains a large ‘oval pattern’ (outlined in dotted violet shape) that ‘pops out’ high on mount. This sign pertains to client’s dreams and inner psyche - and how well she is connected. This sign appears to be shouting – ‘go for your dreams now’. My advice to this client is: Time to put the gears in motion and don’t hesitate any more than two years - or this window of opportunity may not come around again.
*Affection line image shows many lines, standing for many objects of affection over the years. The most important one tends to be the last one - and in client’s left palm it is longest – although mid-way through there is a ‘fork’ configuration. In ‘silent palm’, this reveals somewhat of an emotional detachment - or that lovers develop separate views as a relationship progresses over time. This does not mean client and mate physically separate – but become different people over time.
*Child line –I see love for one especially beloved child.
Let’s summarize and answer client’s two concerns:
1.) Love connection: My Answer ~ wait no more than two years to get married. Tell this fellow you are interested in exactly how you feel now. If it doesn’t go over big -- then move onto someone else out there. I can tell you are attractive, smart and accomplished and there are lots of guys out there just waiting for you. According to your palmistry time clock (affection, Fate and Life lines) you are going to get married soon and you will have two children to bring up.
2.) Career Direction: My Answer ~ That ’lost feeling’ you are experiencing hints you need to live more in tune with your dreams and inner psyche. Your dreams must become your reality, for you to be truly happy and fulfilled in life. I think you should continue with counseling; you seem to enjoy it but perhaps you need a change of location to keep things fresh. Your large St. Joseph’s cross in right palm reveals strong need for travel connected with work. Why not continue with counseling that requires road trips? After you are married and the children are somewhat grown, you can take some more courses get a degree in the area you desire.

*If any of you have questions or comments, feel free to contact me.*

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