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MTrue's Mystery Palm

Side Images of Palms (Affection Lines) Included Below


Right Palm Lines
Hand of Major Use


Dear Readers ~
Let's look at right palm lines and markings: hand of major use which reveals objective nature and outward response toward environment and societys rules.
*Life line (brown line begins between thumb and Jupiter finger, and then travels around Venus mount into palm base. Reveals physical vitality one may expect throughout lifetime; moves or changes of life style; interference from friends and relatives) begins high in palms ~ sign of natural ambition and personal drive. I see 'squares of protection' embedded in Life line in mid teens, sign of protection or restrictions during that stage of life. Several moves or changes of life style (small brown 'x' marks on Life line) occur from age twenty through early twenties. Near age twenty four, I see a big move or change of lifestyle in store (note large brown 'x' connecting Life line to Head line underside). Several tiny 'effort lines' (small upward brown lines on Life line) reveal two or three successful personal ventures. There appears to be interference from a relative (brown 'x' positioned inside Life line) at this same stage of life. More interference from a coworker or friend occurs in clients late twenties. At age thirty-five (half way down Life line) I see two close together moves or changes of lifestyle. Life line resumes with a couple of 'assisting lines', which represent doubling up of physical energies and resistance, from age thirty-five through forty-five. Interference from friends or coworkers persists, however 'squares of protection' during this stage indicate amped up self preservation. I see huge change around age fifty: note Life line appears to stop but resumes on outside of original line, the sign of greater life opportunities! But along with this more bountiful life style comes a wider range of relatives and nagging friends. There appears to be a lot of personal pressure through the remainder of life span ('x' marks); but also ample self preservation (multiple 'squares' positioned low on Venus mount).
*Head line (blue line begins between thumb and Jupiter finger above Life line. Reveals mental strength and direction, thus ones aptitude for success) begins touching Jupiter mount, sign of high personal ambition. I see an obstruction or problem in mid-teens (blue 'x' embeds Head line near beginning of line). In early and mid-thirties I see two more obstructions or possible injuries to face or head. This is a time for client to be especially self aware and obey instincts. At age fifty, I see a sign of deeper seriousness: slanted line with attached 'cross' mark. Small 'fork' configuration on Head line ending signifies common sense coupled with creative nature, otherwise called 'writers fork'.
*Heart line (long red line begins from palm outer edge and travels horizontally across palm toward Jupiter mount. Reveals capacity for loving) begins heavily feathered to reveal mercurial emotions of youth. I see a small 'island' on Heart line in early twenties; and this represents a division of loving energies. I see another 'island' on Heart line in mid to late twenties. Heart line smoothes afterwards and this indicates normal flow of loving energies. I see a great deal of personal effort placed into a love relationship in late forties to age fifty (small 'triangle' on Heart line underside). At about age sixty a red 'x' under Heart line and under Saturn mount shows client must exercise caution concerning heart health. Heart line ends touching mid-Jupiter mount which shows client acquires a mate of at least equal or better social and financial status.
*Ring of Jupiter (violet line runs through Jupiter mount) reveals unusual wisdom; teaching ability; and sympathy for those in need. Also shows a potential for psychic activity.
*Fate line (white vertical lines begin at palm base and runs up toward Saturn mount. Reveals life direction and sense of purpose; plus satisfaction or dissatisfaction with social and financial standing in life) begins as double: note one line begins from palm center and the other begins from low Luna mount. The centered line reveals a safe, more conventional career that ends at age thirty-five. The outer Fate line reveals a creative career that endures into clients golden years. The 'fork' ending on Saturn mount reveals two creative directions and the white 'cross' mark indicates an obstacle overcome.
*Apollo lines (violet vertical lines run up toward Apollo mount. The Apollo is considered an accessory line, as not everyone possesses this line. Presence reveals love of beauty, music and the arts) are multiple and originate from outer area of palm ~ sign of ability for working with outsiders. Age fifty is a turning point when client hones creative skills down to two main projects. One of the projects ends after age fifty-five; and at age sixty client launches into two creative ventures. Ending of Apollo lines connect with a strong papillary ridge dermal that signifies social grace and self confidence. The 'triangle' mark connected to Apollo crease (where ring finger joins palm) indicates fulfilled artistry.
*Affection lines (see Right side image) show three memorable love relationships. The first relationship (small line nearest Heart line) reveals a light relationship (note line lifts upward). The second pivotal love relationship occurs before age thirty-five as it is positioned below mid-Mercury mount. Halfway up Mercury mount from Heart line signifies age thirty-five. Second relationship occurs in clients early twenties. I see an estrangement about halfway through relationship (note break in line); and relationship does resume but ends with the passing of clients loved one (note line slants downward). Third relationship is positioned well past the thirty-five year point on Mercury mount outer edge. This is a long enduring relationship of almost soul mate proportion (begins in late forties or age fifty) but eventually ends in separate physical directions.
*Luna mount is etched with 'x' marks of unusual imagination; 'lines of mental travel'; and 'squares of protection' while traveling over bodies of water.
*Wrist Rascettes (yellow wrist rings) are frayed (sign of being hard-wired for nervousness) but there are basically three lines ~ sign of luck and longevity.

Left Palm Lines
Silent Hand

Let's look at left palm lines and markings: the 'silent' hand which reveals subjective nature and inner dreamy response toward environment and society rules.
*Life line (in silent hand Life line reveals emotional, rather than physical status) starts with a great deal of interference from close relatives (multiple brown 'x' marks on underside of Life line beginning). I see a big change of lifestyle in late teens; and troublesome interference from relatives near age twenty. Early to mid-twenties bring two close together life adjustments (changes of lifestyle). I see a life changing move after age twenty-five. Life line doubles at this stage revealing increased emotional fortitude. Age 30 to 32 brings another move or change of life style. Interference comes from coworkers or so called friends in mid-thirties; but personal magnetism is up (note 'grille' marks on Venus mount, sign of sexiness and verve). Interference continues through forties, a time of really strong personal effort regarding profession. The 'triangle' positioned on outer edge of Life line at this time symbolizes two opposing forces against personal will, and client successfully overcomes the obstacles. Age fifty brings huge interference from relatives and coworkers. This interference results in a huge change that turns out to be so much better than clients former life style. Mars Sister lines triple on inside of Life line ~ sign of fighting spirit and inner strength. I see another move or change of life style in late sixties or age seventy. Client will need to restrict some former activities at this age ('island' mark on line shows more delicate condition).
*Head line begins high to reveal independent spirit; and commencing large 'triangle' positioned atop line near beginning reveals unusual focus and sense of purpose in early through mid-teens. A large 'cross' mark embeds Head line around age 29 to 30; then line takes a sharp long descent into depth of Luna mount. In all my years I have never had a client with a Head line like this. I have only seen this configuration as an 'example' in books. This Head line configuration shows considerable tendency for depression and deep emotional love ~ to the point it almost drives the client mad.
*Heart line reveals more inner good feelings than bad, toward loved ones in youth; but an embedded 'island' reveals division of loving energies in mid-twenties for at least a two year period. Heart line does smooth afterwards, which then indicates good receptivity for giving and receiving love. Ending configuration is unusual in that the lower branch of forked ending shows clients desire for a trophy mate conflicts with her loving, forgiving nature (note upper branch of fork is longer).
*Ring of Jupiter (unusual to see in both palms) signifies deep sympathy and understanding of others' unspoken desires and motives. This is definitely the marking of an excellent teacher or therapist.
*Fate line is mostly centered in this palm ~ sign of confidence one is making right choices in life. The 'island' embedded low on Fate reveals feelings of loss in mid-teens. Early twenties bring more creative flavor and successful ideas for career. I see a great deal of self assurance and confidence in this configuration.
*Apollo lines are totally different from the social configuration of right palm. I see inherited talent (note lowest line sprouts from Life line), and stronger creative career direction a little before age thirty-five (when Apollo line intersects Head line). After then I see a lot of diversity, but best of all I see a partial 'trident' configuration on Apollo mount which is the marking of fame and fortune or becoming a celebrity.
*Affection lines I see three affection lines; but the second love line in silent hand reveals the ending of true emotional support after the estrangement. Client is there in body, but not in soul. The third relationship is different from right palm configuration as well. Third affection line shows client will always be attached to her loved one, regardless of separation of physical paths.
*Luna mount is actually better defined by lines in this palm, which means client still has a long way to go in developing psychic and intuitive gifts.
Answers to client questions:
1.) Should I pursue higher education; and will I move a lot? My Answer ~ YES, you should pursue higher education because you are going to become one of the finest teachers in creative fields. You possess the ability to teach in two different fields at the same time as you are quite diverse and intelligent. I see a lot of moving in your twenties. After then I see two moves in mid-thirties; and several moves in old age.
2.) What about my intuitive development? My Answer ~ you possess deep inner strength but also an inherited tendency for depression. It takes a lot of strength to fight that which is one of the reasons you are not using your full capacity of intuitive gifts ~ yet. It will be a long journey but at age fifty the world suddenly becomes YOUR oyster.
3.) What about love, family and avoiding undesirables? My Answer ~ you are blessed with love in this life; as most people only possess one or two affection lines You certainly possess great capacity for love and may often allow family and close ones to mess up your plans. Time and experiences will be your teacher eventually. The times for concern are portrayed on right palms Head line in your early thirties and again in your mid-thirties. These are times for physical accidents and you need to be extremely vigilant. Always follow your inner feelings concerning the company you are keeping or places you frequent. Other than those two times you appear to be safe in your travels over both bodies of water and land.

*If any of you have questions or comments, feel free to contact me.*

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Side Images of Palms

Affection Lines
Right Side
Affection Lines
Left Side
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