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Right Palm
Hand of Major Use

"Open Mind - Open Heart"

Dear Readers ~
Let’s begin with examining shape and characteristics of these hands: wide busily-lined pink palms with relatively shorter fingers place palms in the “Fire Social” category. Fire types are creative, passionate, and often artistic – they adjust fluidly in both professional and social circumstances. Note all fingertips contain the ‘ulnar loop dermal pattern’ – which indicates great social adaptation - and is unusual as most clients possess mixed dermal patterns. Left palm contains a sharply slated loop dermal on mount under Apollo finger that indicates great social grace and pride. Right palm shows client has learned to tone this down some in dealing with the public. Note thumbs and all fingers are positioned widely – sign of receptiveness toward working and communicating with others. Client possesses an open mind – (little finger); is playful in love relationships (right hand Apollo and Saturn fingers hug); and promotes self (Jupiter finger separated). Note how Jupiter and Apollo fingers curve inward – another sign of social adaptation some palmists call ‘social animal’. Venus, Mars, and Jupiter mounts appear most elevated --which reveals lusty, competitive nature, with leadership qualities.
Let’s look at right palm lines and markings : client’s hand of major use which reveals objective nature and outward response toward his environment and society’s rules.
*Life line (brown line begins between thumb and Jupiter mount and travels around Venus mount into palm base. Reveals physical vitality one should expect throughout one’s lifetime; moves/changes of life style; interference from relatives, friends and associates) begins high in palm – sign of ambitious, self-starting nature with superior standards. Several moves/changes of lifestyle in early age are indicated by brown cross marks (‘x’ marks) positioned on Life line outer edge. Interference from relatives in client’s early twenties and again in late twenties is indicated by cross marks positioned high on Life line and on inner edge of Life line. Uplifted short brown effort lines are positioned atop outer edge of Life line to indicate positive/successful career projects from about age 26 through late thirties. A small brown cross mark immediately afterwards on Life line outer edge reveals a small but significant move/change of life style in late thirties. Life line appears to thicken which shows stronger physical vitality and resistance kicks into gear until early forties when an inward and upward effort line appears on Life line. This signals strong personal effort devoted to a family matter that does take some physical reserve. Your Life line and Fate line then join which shows family support and strong involvement in family business. During this life stage, Venus mount exhibits many cross marks – signs of interference from business associates or distant friends. I also see many squares mark formations – sign of survival instincts kicking into full gear. Presence of triangle formations on Venus mount reveals tact and diplomacy in forties and fifties. The star mark on Venus mount reveals client is presently lucky in love. Around age forty-five Life line breaks free of Fate line which shows client going his intended path - and Life line is doubled to show stronger physical resistance through age fifty. Age sixty brings a positive successful business event (note upward effort line) and significant travel (downward traveler’s lines off Life line at palm base). Life line continues comfortably around Venus mount which is a sign of one who lives a long and fruitful life.
*Head line (Blue line begins between thumb and Jupiter mount and travels somewhat horizontally across palm toward outer edge. Reveals mental strength and direction – thus one’s aptitude for success – and considered most important of all palm lines) begins high and not melded with Life line - shows client wasn’t a timid youth. There are strong family influences – yet client has always been certain he is a unique and talented individual. I am seeing only one negative marking on Head line - a short blue line called a bar, positioned at about age thirty-five. This bar shows weakened ability to concentrate or possible injury to face/head at that point in life. It can also indicate bad headaches and worry during that stage. Remainder of Head line is long and smooth – shows excellent mental powers. The downward curve reveals artistic flair and unique personal efforts placed into career, family, and social endeavors. Superior mentality is indicated by a Head line that travels close to outer edge of palm.
*Heart line (long red horizontal line begins at palm outer edge and travels toward Jupiter mount. Reveals one’s capacity for loving) begins heavily feathered to portray mercurial emotions of youth. At mid-twenties feathering comes to a halt which shows client finally has a good handle on emotions. At age thirty there is disappointment and consequent happiness in love relationships. After then Heart line appears somewhat doubled or thickened – a typical Leo Sun sign configuration of Heart line. This shows greater capacity for loving – but also greater capacity for being hurt in love. Because Heart line ending lands at outer edge of Saturn mount –reveals client is shrewd in love relationships – but gentle curve of entire Heart line reveals tender heartedness and emotion. Those in his favor shall be showered with affection.
*Marriage Cross (large red cross mark positioned on Jupiter mount) – presence of this marking reveals potential for a happy marriage.
*Affection lines (short red horizontal lines begin at palm outer edge and run into the Mercury mount) indicate pivotal love relationships in your lifetime – and I see two definite long lines. The lower-positioned line reveals an important love relationship that took place in client’s late teens - early twenties; and note the line slants downward as it commences into the Mercury mount. The downward slant reveals client outlived his loved one. The upper affection line reveals a love relationship that takes place way after age thirty-five – closer to age fifty. I concur this because this higher affection line is placed more that midway up outer edge of Mercury mount. (Exactly halfway up Mercury mount would be age thirty-five).This second relationship will be the most meaningful and enduring one -- but alas client outlives his loved one again -- as line ending slants downward on Mercury mount.
*Opposition lines (bright yellow crisscrossing lines at outer edge of mid-palm) – presence of this configuration in medical palmistry is a classic sign of intestinal disorders.
* Mercury/Health line (long dark green vertical line) is in good health configuration. So to balance the two signs (Opposition vs. Mercury/Health lines) this shows an intestinal issue client has treated and controlled to a degree.
*Apollo lines (violet verticals running up and into Apollo mount. Presence of one Apollo line reveals artistic talent or deep interest in beauty, music and the arts. Several Apollo lines show client flits from project to project - too many interests instead of favoring just one. Client’s scope of fun activities and interests increases with age. Intersection of Apollo line with Heart line represents age fifty – so after age fifty, more Apollo lines reveal interests broaden. Those two violet cross marks with lines that look like tails represent two successful endeavors that succeed despite obstacles.
*Fate line (long white vertical lines begin at palm base and travel up into Saturn mount – the mount of wisdom, learning and restrictions. Reveals devotion to true life path as well as satisfaction or dissatisfaction with one’s social and financial standing in life) begins closely adhering to outer edge of Life line at palm base – it curves with the Life line to show strong family support and involvement. I see creative flavor in early age and knowledge that helping others is a good move in life (note triad dermal pattern positioned more toward Luna mount, rather than center palm). Client branches out on own in early twenties and has own family by thirty. Between thirty-five and fifty he focuses mainly on collaborating with outsiders (career). After fifty (after intersection of Fate line with Heart line) a trident formation signifies client is a philosopher and has financial security in old age. Small triangle formation attached to Saturn crease (where middle finger joins palm) this symbolizes interest in occult or intangible hidden essence of the universe.
*Luna mount (Low outer quadrant of palm that reveals dreams creativity and imaginative processes) is busily-lined on outer and lower edge of palm – with cross marks that portray unusual imagination and gut instinct. The crowning glory is presence of a Via Lascivia (long horizontal line connects Luna mount to Venus mount) which reveals superior ability for turning dreams into reality – real working successful projects that help others.
*Wrist Rascettes (bright yellow ring-like lines on wrist) are multiple and show love of children and babies of any species. The more rings one possesses, the more luck and longevity – according to ancient Chinese palmists.

Left Palm
Silent Hand, Non-Dominant

Let’s look at left palm lines and markings: silent hand which reveals subjective nature and inner dreamy response toward one’s environment and society’s rules.
*Life line (in silent hand Life line reveals emotional rather than physical status) begins somewhat joined with beginning of Head line which shows family closeness and assistance in early youth. Brown crosses positioned high on Venus mount show interference from associates and meddling friends – but cross marks on Lower Mars mount shows personal strategy for combating stressful influences. Life line is doubled through mid-twenties – sign of emotionally-resilient nature during that stage. Multiple upward lines of effort line outside of Life line from mid-twenties through mid-thirties. I see two small but significant moves/changes of lifestyle in late thirties. Life line continues smoothly afterwards showing strong emotional resistance toward stress – despite interference from an associate while in mid-forties. I see two paths afterwards - he clings to the old path while venturing toward the new. I see family involvement at this time as well. About age fifty client continues onward with the new path - and this brings greater reward and satisfaction. Around age sixty I see traveler’s lines. A brown cross on outer edge of Life line reveals a move/change of lifestyle in mid-seventies – and another one at around age eighty. I see interference from a close relative at age eighty as well.
*Head line looks nearly identical as right palm Head line – however I see a cross mark in the left palm where the bar mark is in right palm. The cross mark reveals an obstacle – headaches that client overcame near age thirty-five. Note how Head line appears to slightly dip under Apollo mount area – sign of more serious thinking when client is in his fifties. The downward lilt of Head line ending portrays creative nature always has a practical side or usefulness. And long length of Head line shows intense mentality.
*Heart line is heavily feathered through age twenty-five which shows mercurial emotions and very rambunctious romantic nature. I see some disappointment after age twenty-five and a doubling of Heart line afterwards (portrays a protective emotional shell). Heart line continues onward with a soft curve and deeply-etched to reveal good capacity for giving and receiving love – then ending of line rests on outer edge of Saturn mount (shows shrewdness in love and romance). The forked ending reveals client wishes for harmony in a love relationship.
*Marriage Cross –One large cross shows great capacity for one happy marriage or marriage-like union.
*Management expertise is ingrained according to a triangle formation positioned on Jupiter mount – this is innate – client is large and in charge!
*Affection lines (look at “TIM Left side” image for a better view) portray two important love relationships. The lower line portrays same love relationship in youth and early twenties as right palm. The higher line reveals a long relationship that begins with differences (not necessarily BAD – but differences of outlooks, opinions, culture) and eventually the differences are mended and bonded together to form a solid loving relationship. This affection line ends only slightly dipped - which indicates despite emotional differences that may alienate your feelings at times - the relationship remains a solid one. *Child lines – I see two definite child lines attached to Mercury crease.
*Opposition lines indicate beefs with authority figures and higher-ups. This causes internal stress which has affects client’s well-being unfortunately. It should be a relief for client to know that eventually he will have financial security in old age (indicated by trident ending of right palm Fate line).
*Mercury/Health line appears a little frayed in this palm compared to right palm. This is a good sign that client actively works on combating stress – one of the keys to long and happy life.
*Apollo line and ring of Apollo – this configuration portrays inspiring nurturing nature. The long unbroken line beginning at Heart line juncture reveals success later in life. The ring of Apollo is an especially unusual marking to possess!
*Fate line reveals an interesting character with several irons in the fire. Client is one busy guy thirty-five through age fifty. After age fifty I see two main activities client focuses on -- and success despite an obstacle after age fifty-five (cross mark with ‘tail’).
*Luna Mount exhibits more markings than right palm Luna – which means client possesses untapped creative intuitive powers. The many cross marks reveal intuitive nature and creative thinking processes. Square marks symbolize protection while traveling over bodies of water. Via Lascivia is present in this palm as well - which shows client possesses the power to make his dreams come true.
*Wrist Rascettes show love of children (First ring appears humped).
Let’s summarize and answer client’s questions:
1.) Is my current love the one for me?
My Answer ~ looking at both your palm images I see readiness in both parties to bond in a long term marriage-like relationship. I see love of children in both parties. Heart lines and affection lines show willingness to commit. Both parties possess mental compatibility and both possess the Saturn trident in right palms. Both parties possess strong lines of family concern. There is an excellent connection between you two. I vote yes.
2.) Will a new career be successful?
My Answer ~ this is when you mainly look at the Life line, Fate line and Apollo line for answers: I see success after fifty according to left palm Apollo line; right palm Apollo shows involvement in multiple activities. Left palm Fate line shows success despite an obstacle after age 55; right palm Fate line shows financial security in old age. Left palm Life line reveals it is your Fate to branch out around age fifty – and this will bring greater reward; right palm Life line shows greater opportunity and travel is on the horizon around sixty. Both palms show terrific ability to adapt and be resilient, an open mind and open heart – recipe for long, successful life.
3.) Health – any problems?
My Answer ~ I see intestinal issues that are controllable -note opposition lines - especially in right palm are in a classic configuration of this medical problem. Other than this your Heart line looks good and Health line looks especially good in right palm (shows you take care of yourself). Head line looks sound and shows no senility in old age. I see playfulness and desire for new adventures and as long as you keep feeling that way your health and life will be strong and happy.


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”Hopeful ” I have had much difficulty in my life---especially since 2007. I’ve experienced being laid off; devastating illness; and loss of love relationship of my life. I am glad to say against all odds my health is much better and I am starting a new career path soon. As for love, well I met someone and am trying not to fall in love with her (age diff). Can you tell me what you see? I am beginning to feel that things are starting to settle down and perhaps there will be a lessening in the obstacles and bad surprises in my life.
Dear Hopeful ~
Upon examining your palm, I see a break in your Head line from @ age 35-to 42. Your Life line is a yellow-ish (sign of illness) instead of pink tone during the same period. To boot, you possess a broken “ring of Saturn” on both hands which tends to indicate depression. Things have been tough; but your Fate line will soon join your Life line lending strength and support to your life endeavors. You are not out of the woods quite yet; so concentrate on taking it slow and easy. Love yourself before delving into a new relationship -- YOUR priorities are number one now.

“Extra little finger segment”
Dear MTrue, I have 4 segmental lines on the little finger of my right hand, where as most people have only 3. Can you please explain the significance if any -- Thanking you, Buddy.
Dear Buddy ~
It all depends which of your finger phalanges appear divided by the additional line.
A). If it’s your lower segment that appears divided: Your need to communicate and express feelings to the outside world has been repressed. So you tend to keep inner feelings to yourself.
B). If it’s your middle segment that appears divided: This affects your views on marriage. You tend to be more accepting of other’s social or financial status when it comes to choosing a mate.
C). If it’s your finger tip segment that appears divided: Pure truth is not as important to you as the resulting end of situations. You practice a far less strict ‘live and let live’ attitude -- rather than focusing on exposing unfair situations.

A New Mark in My Palm”
Just recently, I’ve developed an “x” or cross marking in between my Life and Fate lines, in the bottom half of my palm. I’m concerned about what this means . . .
Dear New Mark ~
The particular marking you’re describing sounds like the “Saint Joseph’s Cross” – a benevolent marking that indicates willingness to travel long distances to assist others. Paramedics, missionaries, as well as military personnel often possess this noble marking. BTW, new markings or palmar changes easily occur every six months in one's life; due to both the forces of inner development and outside influences.

Absence of Fingerprints

Question:Dear MTrue ~
I can't see any fingerprints on my fingertips. Do you know anything about this or have you seen this in anyone else's hands? Elsa
Answer:Dear Elsa ~ No, personally I have not seen this in reading my many clients palms - but from what I've read, you possess a rare condition called Adermatoglyphia. Smithsonian has a good article about your condition:

Question: Dear MTrue ~ I am wondering if my career will finally take hold here in Pakistan or will I have to travel elsewhere for maximum success in life? ~ S.A.
A: Dear S.A. ~ your Life line reveals tremendous effort (tiny upward lines) and several moves/changes of life style in youth and early twenties. At age thirty I see a significant move -- and after then destiny will have many travels in store. So my answer to you is that you are a go-getter and success will take off in Pakistan; but you will be doing much travel for your career throughout your life time. The "trident" ending of your Fate line (white vertical) on Saturn mount reveals philosophical nature with good financial fortune and comfort in your old age. Happy Trails to you!
Note illustration below:

Hand of major use.
Life line is brown colored line; Fate line is white.
Right Palm
Rajah Loop, Family help, Apollo Mount Trident

Question: Dear MTrue ~ I am 31 years of age, male, right handed. Can you please check my right palm to determine if I achieve success in my career? I have nothing good happening in my career financially presently.~ HS
Answer: Dear HS ~ I see you possess a Rajah Loop (white loop dermal located between pointer and middle finger mounts) - which is a sign of royal bearing and superior leadership skills. You also possess an Apollo trident (purple trident marking on Apollo mount) - sign of public recognition for outstanding efforts. An inner Fate line(white vertical lines) reveals soon you will be receiving assistance from a family member - this person will give you the advice, backing and confidence you require for success. Accept their offer graciously!

Modified Simian Configuration
Heart and Head line combined

Question: Dear MTrue ~ I have a deep passion for Palmistry and Numerology. Do you see potential of Spiritual advancement for me in this Life. I am Age 43, female and possess all 'whorl' patterns on fingertips, except little fingers which are peacock whorls.
Answer: Heart line(red) joins with Head line(blue) to form a modified Simian configuration. The bearer of true Simian configuration is either a perfect sinner or saint; as the Simian is known for going to extremes. Your doubled Girdle of Venus(pink lines above Heart line) reveal passion and fervor for people and activities you favor. Centered solid Fate line (white vertical) shows focus and devotion to life purpose. Ring of Jupiter (purple ring on pointer finger mount) reveals knowledge of and empathy for other's unspoken needs. Medical Stigmata (short bright green lines on little finger mount)indicate desire for healing. Triad dermal positioned on Luna mount reveals placing others needs above ones own. Whorl patterns on finger tips reveal masterful qualities; purity and strength of character. You also possess St Joseph's crosses (blue crosses joining Fate with Life line), which reveal one who travels long distances in order to assist others. So yes, I'd say you possess a spiritual hand and also will continue to develop in that direction in the future.

Long Head line
Sydney Line

Question: Is this a modified Simian (combo of Head and Heart lines) or a Sydney Configuration?

Answer:At first I thought this was a Modified Simian -- but there's too much of a Heart line (even thought it's a Heart line with no beginning). The Head line cuts off the Luna Quadrant which is typical of the Sydney line. For those who are just learning about their palms, the Sydney line is a very long Head line. Michael Douglas the famous actor possesses a Sydney line. He had learning difficulties as a child but once he caught up - boy did he excel!!

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