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Right Palm
Double Head Line

"Complex Character"

Dear Mystery Palm Readers ~
This week’s client possesses a busy, convoluted palm to express things mildly. The width of the palm indicates strength and social ability. With the plethora of signs and markings, I hardly know where to begin. However the client has inquired about possibilities of career direction – so let’s look at the Head line and the line of Fate for answers.
As I’ve mentioned before, many palmists believe the Head line to be the most important, as it indicates mental strength and predisposition for success. This client exhibits a double Head line, and therefore possesses great mental strength. Note the tiny vertical yellow-colored lines sprouting up off the beginning of the Head line -- they indicate ambition from the earliest age. At @ age 20, the Head line separates and lifts up. A small “x” called “cross marking” blocks the process indicating an ‘obstacle’ the client must overcome. The positioning of the upper Head line indicates the client takes on a more practical approach before age 25. The following bright yellow-colored “x” marking above the Head line is the “Mystic Cross”, which indicates this client follows his instincts and has psychic ability. A small uplifted branch indicates a positive money-making venture @ age 30-35. The client’s upper Head line spans to the ulnar edge of his palm, adorned with a “cross marking” on the end -- indicating an unusual imagination. The client’s lower Head line, dives into the Luna mount, indicating deep interest in dreams, creativity, mental travel, and imagination.
The client’s Fate line indicates collaboration with others but no true success before age 35 – note the large “island marking” beneath the Head line which suggests a ‘division of energies’.
* Readers, to measure age on the Fate, remember the point at which the Fate line crosses the Head line indicates age 35.* After age 35 the client is involved in a multitude of money-making ventures – but the most successful enduring venture is associated with family. Note the thicker white-colored Fate line that stretches from the Life line up to the Saturn mount – this indicates family assistance.
It’s important to realize when a client possesses such busy, multitudinous lines; this indicates one who absorbs the outside world with the greatest of intensity. I feel this client has many talents – but especially in public relations, creative arts or combining both. His Apollo mount indicates oratory talent, or entertaining large crowds. Above all, I feel this client must perfect his focus. I advise this client to do his best to concentrate on the purity of one project at a time. My suggestion will probably ‘bore the socks off’ this multi-faceted client, but I feel it will bring him new-found success.

Right Palm
Double Head Line

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