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Right Palm Lines
Hand of Major Use

"Fulfilled Artistry"

Dear Readers ~
Let’s begin with examining shape and characteristics of this Capricorn clients palms (Chirognomy): long fingers and long shell-pink palms with riot of fine lightly-etched lines and markings place hands in “Water” Sensitive category. Water people are soulful and intuitive - always an ‘ear to the ground’ concerning others unspoken feelings and motives. They absorb others energy like a sponge -- and likewise desire great affection and attention. Water people retain information before delivering an outward reaction – they are the most soulful and thoughtful hand type. Luna mount is especially rosy – reflects intuitive or psychic activity. Venus mount is heavily lined with “lines of family concern” (multiple horizontal lines on Venus within Life line). Jupiter mount is well-plumped – sign of ambition and good self-promotion skills. Jupiter fingertip exhibits a ‘pure whorl’ dermal print – sign of excellence and pride in ones accomplishments. This is the sign of one who likes to do things right. There is a relative lack of ‘papillary ridges’ on palm – sign of delicate and refined character. I do see a prominent dermal ‘loop’ pattern positioned between Apollo and Mercury mounts – sign of love of laughter and ability for seeing humorous side of life.
Let’s look at right palm lines and markings: (Chiromancy): hand of major use which reveals objective nature and outward response toward environment and society’s rules.
*Life line (brown line begins between thumb and Jupiter finger and curls completely around Venus mount into palm base. Reveals physical vitality one can expect throughout ones life time; also moves/changes of life style; and interference from relatives or friends) begins quite high in palm - which indicates ambitious nature. Crosses (brown ‘x’ marks) positioned on Life line’s outside reveal two big moves/changes of life style both in early youth and late teens. A ‘square’ mark positioned high inside Life line portrays survival instincts developed in early youth. A small ‘island’ is embedded in Life line portraying stress/illness in late teens to early twenties. (An ‘island’ embedded in any major line always indicates a weakening of the quality and strength of line). Life line resumes smooth after that stage and a ‘square of protection’ forms on outside of Life line in early to mid-twenties. (This signifies a protective or restrictive influence during that stage of life). Life line resumes smoothly afterward, revealing normal flow of physical vitality. In clients early forties (below the ‘35 year mark’), Life line begins to double and get a lot more complicated. The inner section of Life line reveals a more private life, with interference from a close relative, plus developed shrewdness/discretion in matters of love and romance. More survival instinct squares appear on Venus mount during middle age. Outside portion of Life line has a ‘sister line’ which shows strengthening of physical vitality toward stress. I see a move/change of life style at age fifty (small ‘x’ positioned on outside edge of Life line. More shrewdness in romantic matters develops at this stage of life. I see another move/change of life style in clients early 60s; again in mid-sixties; and again in mid-seventies. I see interference from a close relative in clients early sixties and interference from a friend in mid-seventies. Life line curls completely around Venus mount – an envious configuration - which coupled with good Wrist Rascettes (yellow wrist ring-like lines) spells long life.
*Head line (blue line begins above Life line, between thumb and Jupiter finger. Reveals mental strength and direction – thus ones ability to succeed) begins slightly dipped beneath Life line – a rebellious configuration showing head-strong qualities and independent nature. Overall quality of Head line is deep and unbroken – good sign of mental stability and focus – with no ‘islands’ or breaks. I see wonderful intelligence that favors creativity and imaginative processes. Head line ending configuration is a slight ‘fork’-- which exhibits creative writing talent.
*Heart line (long red horizontal line begins at palm outer edge and travels across palm surface toward Jupiter mount. Reveals ones capacity for loving) begins with downward ‘feathering’ – sign of disappointment with love relationships in early teens through late teens. A small thin ‘island’ embeds Heart line to reveal interruption or weakening of loving energies in early to mid-twenties. Heart line smoothes, and reveals normal flow of loving energies up until clients early thirties. That’s when another small ‘island’ embeds Heart line. After age 35, Heart line smoothes again to indicate return of loving energies. I see a ‘forked’ ending – a variation of the triple fork ending configuration. This is a fortunate sign in palmistry, and reveals good choice of marriage partner – financially, physically, and emotionally.
*Girdle of Venus (hot pink cradle-like line running from outer Apollo mount to inner Jupiter mount) is another unusual or accessory line – not everyone possesses a ‘girdle’. This line symbolizes passion and zest for the people and activities this client loves to be involved with, -- the ‘girdle’ is most often present in the palms of artists.
*Ring of Jupiter (violet ring-like line running through Jupiter mount) is the hallmark of an inspirational, intuitive, very special character. Some call this marking the Ring of Solomon – another sign of unusual wisdom.
*Marriage Cross (red ‘x’ marks positioned on Jupiter mount) reveal potential for two happy marriages or marriage-like relationships.
*Ring of Saturn (orange ring-like line running through Saturn mount) is a most unusual marking, and symbolizes a serious or almost maudlin side to clients’ character. Some would say this client could be a blood-tingling murder mystery writer -- because client bears this marking in right (major) palm.
*Affection line (small red horizontal lines positioned at Mercury mount’s outer edge) reveals client is blessed with love in her life time. Most people possess just one affection line but I see three more obvious line -- and four very fine lines above the three bigger lines – wow! Midway up outer edge of Mercury mount represents age thirty-five (considered near middle age in classic Western palmistry). The first relationship is represented by the lowest-positioned affection line and it slants downward – sign that clients loved one is gone. The second love relationship represents now in the present. The third love relationship is in clients late forties – note how deep and thick this line is! This is a strong love relationship – a good bond full of loving energy. The four very fine lines above this magnificent love relationship appear to be clients future love for four children/grandchildren.
*Child line (tiny fine orange vertical line attached to Mercury crease – where little finger joins palm) I only see one child line present in this palm and it symbolizes one beloved child in clients life.
*Medical Stigmata ( bright green vertical lines positioned on and below Mercury mount above Heart line) reveal deep sympathy for humanity; and strong desire for aiding, healing and assisting those in need as well as helpless beings – like babies and pets. Client possesses a good amount of stigmata.
*Opposition lines (tiny bright yellow horizontal lines at palm’s outer edge)Client possesses relatively few which shows she gets along fairly well face-to-face with authority figures. Behind the scene, client always has a different game plan for back-up.
*Apollo line (violet vertical lines running up into Apollo mount -- an unusual or accessory line. Not everyone possesses an Apollo line. Reveals love of beauty, music, and the arts) begin low attached to Fate line in late teens. This shows strong artistic ability established at that stage of life. Apollo line is quite long and deep which shows enjoyment of life and favored activities. After Apollo line intersects Heart line, this indicates age fifty and beyond. So After age fifty, I see two more solid Apollo lines, which reveals three activities client garners great satisfaction and feelings of success from. I also see a triangle formation on Apollo mount – sign of fulfilled artistry – an excellent and most unusual marking!!! You will make it BIG in a creative field.
*Fate line (long white vertical line begins at palm base and travels up into Saturn mount. This line reveals life direction and devotion -- as well as satisfaction or dissatisfaction with personal social and financial standing. When one is satisfied with the status quo – the Fate line appears solid. When one is dissatisfied with their situation, the Fate line fades – thus it is the most mutable of all palm lines) begins with cross marks – which shows concern for someone client is close with in early age. I see loving assistance from family in early youth – and two creative activities in late teens (note two additional branches from Luna mount). Late twenties reveal two partnerships that end at age thirty-five (note these two additional lines halt at intersection of Head line -- which represents age thirty-five on the Fate line). From age thirty-five to age fifty I see a marriage or marriage-like relationship, and a creative career where client is working with outsiders. After age fifty I see one especially successful activity and two others that are satisfying as well. A Fate line that touches the Saturn crease like this one is especially fortuitous!
*Ambition line (short yellow vertical line running up into Jupiter mount. Also an unusual line) indicates self-starting nature and ability for being ones own boss. Client is quite capable of self-promotion and I’d say one of her adages is ‘He who hesitates is LOST”!
*Anxiety lines (bright yellow lines originating within Venus mount and mostly radiating toward palm outer edge) are a riot – TONS of lines! These multiple lines portray deep desire and inner drive for maintaining and strengthening family relationships; career ties and financial freedom and/or material acquisitions. Anxiety lines running up into Saturn mount are ‘lines of divided anxiety’ – sign of desire for balancing home life with career.
*Luna mount (is excellently defined by a well-shaped Intuition line – the long violet curved line running from base of palm up to underside of Head line. It is a deeply-cut well-curved unbroken line; and shows incredible prescience or ability for reading others unspoken words and motives. Client definitely possesses clairvoyant talent. I see multiple lines of mental travel and crosses of unusual imagination as well. Another rare marking client possesses is the Via Lascivia (line violet horizontal line connecting Luna and Venus mount) which reveals ability for connecting fantasy with reality. In short, client utilizes psychic dreams and turns them into concrete working projects.
*Wrist Rascettes (yellow wrist rings adorning palm base) are multiple – sign of physical vitality and long life. Ancient Chinese believed three wrist rings indicate luck and longevity. Top wrist ring contains an island which shows a physical malady in early youth. The second wrist ring is solid – and the third wrist ring is broken but overlapped – indicating mending and healing in older age.

Non-Dominant Palm Lines
Silent Hand

Let’s look at left palm lines and markings: clients silent hand which reveals subjective nature and inner dreamy response toward environment and society rules. Silent hand shows what client is capable of – but not necessarily what she acts on.
*Life line (in silent hand Life line reveals emotional, rather than physical status) begins high, touching Jupiter mount – hallmark of ambitious character and leadership qualities. I see an embedded island from early youth to late teens – sign of inner turmoil and emotional stress during that stage of life. There are also multiple crosses positioned along Life lines outer edge – sign of interference from relatives. In clients early twenties Life line breaks but overlaps on outer edge which means increased opportunities at that stage. A square of protection indicates survival instincts kick into full gear in early to mid-twenties. Life line smoothes afterwards and show good emotional resistance from twenty-five on. Early thirties bring a move/change of life style and huge interference from a friend – also minor interference from a close relative. Age thirty-five brings a significant change of life style. From early forties through late forties I see multiple moves/changes of life style. A couple of triangles are positioned inside Life line which shows honed shrewdness and discreet maneuverings in love/romantic relationships.
*Mars Sister lines (orange verticals positioned on Venus mount) are multiple -- especially from late forties on – to symbolize increased emotional resistance and resilience toward life stresses. A large island formation on Venus mount symbolizes steamy sexuality in clients late forties and fifties.
*Head line begins slightly dipped beneath Life line beginning – sign of a true rebel. I see high spirits and levity after age twenty through early thirties. There is potential of possible injury to face or head just before age thirty-five (blue cross and bar mark positioned on Head line below Saturn mount) – this is a time to take special care. Afterwards Head line is smooth and unbroken; and ends with a long fork dipping low into Luna mount. This configuration reveals deep need for creative expression and freedom of thought.
*Heart line breaks but overlaps in late teens – sign of a tough time client overcomes -- and doubling of Heart line reveals stronger love relationships from mid-twenties through late fifties. Client possesses a wonderful representation of the triple fork ending configuration in this palm – sign that client feels inwardly happy and satisfied with choice of marriage partner.
*Tripled Girdle of Venus reveals a girl on fire. When client really wants something everyone better get out of her way!
*Ring of Jupiter is only partial in this hand -- which means client has consciously developed and exceeded her given intuitive skills.
*Marriage Cross portrays just one happy marriage in clients heart-of-hearts.
*Affection Lines reveal four pivotal love relationships in clients life time – and that the best is yet to come in her forties – a relationship of soul mate proportions – full of laughter and light!
*Child lines indicate four special children and they all are long lines which usually represent male children.
*Empathy lines (positioned same as medical stigmata in right palm) are the sign of a deeply understanding, sympathetic soul.
*One deep Opposition line reveals client is stubborn and bull-headed by nature.
*Apollo line shows amazing three talents and strong ability for collaborating with outsiders. Client is deeply influenced by others input concerning her career. Associations are of extreme importance. A large cross mark atop a long Apollo line symbolizes success despite an obstacle.
*Fate line reveal family and career are closely connected from early age. I see a branching out in early twenties – greater ability for collaborating with outsiders; and further involvement around age thirty. I see a partnership in late thirties or early forties – one client places much energy into (Note this line connects to a ‘triad’ dermal on Saturn mount. The triad is considered a center of power and in this case means client places great emphasis and importance on her choice of life and working partners.
*Ambition lines are tripled in this palm to signify deep lasting ambition throughout clients life span.
*Anxiety lines show the more emotional emphasis on balancing home life and career in left palm compared to right palm. Client has inner struggle she chooses not share with the outside world.
*Luna mount contains a sharply-curved line of intuition and wonderful deep lines of mental travel. Crosses of unusual imagination adorn mount as well. No Via Lascivia in this hand – another sign client has admirably developed gut instinct far beyond her given intuitive skills.
*Wrist Rascettes appear multiple – a good sign of luck and longevity in store throughout life span.
Let’s summarize and answer Clients Questions:
1.) Will I have a happy long-lasting marriage? My Answer ~ It appears you are in a relationship now but that a future relationship will bring much more flavorful fun and loving reciprocation – one that appears to take place in your late forties. This relationship is of soul mate proportions – exhibited especially in left palm – the emotional palm.
2.) Will I choose a hobby/career I feel truly devote to? My Answer ~ I see fulfilled artistry exhibited in right palm – your palm of outward action. So the answer is YES you will find satisfaction through your artistry. I’m seeing a clever twist in your artistic approach (ring of Saturn of right palm; sharply curved intuition line of left palm; and sharp downward ending Head line of left palm. Right palm Intuition line and left palm Apollo lines reveal you possess strong ability for choosing the perfect people to work with. Your choices of working mates make a HUGE difference in the final equation.
3.) What is the meaning of crosses – I see new ones under middle finger? My Answer ~ Crosses usually represent two opposing forces – or obstacles one must learn to overcome. They are not necessarily bad things – and in many cases represent something to be proud of – something one struggles to overcome and WINS. Under your Saturn finger of right palm I think what you are seeing is the further development of your Fate lines and some intersection with your strong Girdle of Venus and Anxiety lines.. As I stated earlier in this reading – the Fate lines are most mutable – they grow or multiply deepen or fade with time. But to answer your question about a cross mark on Saturn mount – this shows one who needs to further develop self-confidence – and by other indications in your palm you are no shy intimidated shrinking violet.. You are a fighter and have dog-like tenacity. The most important element in your life will be who you align yourself with – You are quite aware that success rubs off.

*If any of you have questions or comments, feel free to contact me.*

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