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MTrue's Mystery Palm

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Dominant Hand
Hand of Major Use

"When Will I Marry?"

Dear Readers ~
Lets begin with examining shape and characteristics of these palms (Chirognomy): long and wide heavily lined, rich pink palms, with relatively shorter finger length to palm length reveals the Fire social type palm. Fire types are quite passionate about the people and projects they favor; and are often artists, musicians, writers, or patrons of the arts. Rich papillary ridges indicate lustiness and physical strength - note right palm Luna mount contains a particularly obvious loop pattern that portrays one with nature. This client is keenly attuned to the rhythms of life and to natural settings.
Lets look at right palm lines and markings (Chiromancy):clients hand of major use which reveals objective nature and outward response toward environment and society rules.
*Life line (brown line begins between thumb and Jupiter finger, and then travels around Venus mount into palm base. Reveals physical vitality; moves or changes of life style; and interference from relatives and friends) begins rather high and positioned above Head line beginning,a sign of independent attitude and enterprising character. I see a move or change of life style (brown x mark positioned near Life line beginning) when client is a young child; and again in his late teens. I see another change near age twenty; and following then, two upward effort lines show two successful ventures in early twenties. Early thirties bring a couple more changes of life style and one successful project. Early thirties are a time of great personal effort (note triangle positioned on outside of Life line above the 35 year mark). The triangle represents two opposing forces overcome by personal will which equals a successful time for this client. Age thirty five reveals more strong personal effort; as well as increase of Mars Sister Lines (orange verticals on Venus mount) which signify an increase of physical reserve for times of need. There is an island marking embedded in Life line that lasts from approximately age forty through forty five. The island represents a division of physical stamina at that stage of life; and most often is a sign of increased stress or a time when one has a full plate to deal with in life. Looks like this time affects clients nerves; but that he is able time manage and Life line finally smoothes to reveal normal flow of life energies. There is also a greater increase of Mars Sister Lines (signs of physical reserve) during and after this stage. Life line configuration appears to expand outward afterwards, a positive sign of greater opportunity and more bountiful life style. Life line appears to crowd the Luna mount, another sign of lustiness and greater enjoyment of life offerings. Inside Life line I see squares of protection, a sign of heightened self preservation; islands, signs of lustiness; and crosses, signs of interference from friends or distant relatives. I see another move or change of life style when client is approximately age sixty five; and many strong years afterwards as Life line curls comfortably all the way around the Venus mount.
*Head line (blue line begins between thumb and Jupiter finger, and then travels horizontally across palm toward outer edge. Reveals mental strength and direction,thus ones aptitude to succeed) begins dipped beneath Life line beginning, sign of rebellious nature in early youth. Doubling of Head beneath Jupiter and Saturn mounts indicates strong mental focus from late teens through late twenties. Head line is deep and straight from then on through late forties; but a cross around age fifty reveals an obstacle or possible injury to clients face or head. This is a time to be more keenly aware of his surroundings, as an accident can be avoided. In older years clients Head line appears to lift, a sign of more laughter in life at that stage. Because Head line is so long, this indicates strong oratory or debate skills. Combined with straight thumb chain (orange vertical line connecting thumb with Venus mount) I see a universal love for humanity; this client possesses a broader concept of why we are all here. Client should have a career in law, be a defender of causes, or become a public speaker with all his focus and passion.
*Heart line (long red horizontal line begins at palm outer edge and travels across palm surface toward Jupiter mount. Reveals capacity for loving) begins extremely heavily chained indicating intense emotions in early youth and teens. I see a tiny red x positioned on Heart line in late teens, sign of an obstacle overcome. A large triangle positioned atop Heart line reveals strong focus and success in a love relationship from twenty through age twenty five. I see a disappointment followed by happiness in love in early thirties. After all that turmoil Heart line smoothes to reveal normal flow of loving energies,thus greater capacity for sending and receiving loving feelings. In early fifties, I see a red cross mark positioned on Heart line which indicates an obstacle at that stage of life. This is a time to take better care of physical being and take care of heart by eating a heart healthy diet. Heart line ending forms a large fork and the lower branch configuration reveals need for a mate with at least equal or better status. The upper branch configuration reveals open mindedness and understanding in love; but a little jealousy of loved ones attention toward others (note Heart line is set high in palm). I see two marriage crosses (red x marks positioned on Jupiter mount) which signify two marriages or marriage like relationships in clients lifetime.
*Affection lines (short red horizontal line positioned on outer edge of Mercury mount) do not show up very well in Right palm image; but are obvious in right side image (I placed below this reading). Most people are blessed to possess two affection lines; but this client possesses four! The four lines starting from bottom (near Heart line) to top (near Mercury crease where little finger joins palm) reveal four important love relationships. Client has experienced the first two love relationships and the third should be happening soon (third line is positioned past age thirty five because it is positioned more than half way up Mercury mount edge ). Third affection line indicates a long unwavering strong love relationship. The fourth line is almost as long as the third and is also a strong love bond and it is positioned up in mid to late fifties.
*Girdle of Venus (pink cradle like line above Heart line) is an unusual marking which reveals passion and fiery focus on people and activities client loves. This line is most often observed in the palms of actors, artists, musicians, orators, or teachers.
*Child lines (short orange vertical lines attached to Mercury crease where little finger joins palm) show three lines in Right side image below this reading. Child lines must be attached to Mercury crease and are often fine or difficult to see. It looks like client will have three boys, as the Child lines are rather long
*Mercury,otherwise called Health line (dark green vertical near palm outer edge) shows a strong constitution; but hard wired to stress personality type. Client needs to let the steam out whenever possible; and and try to get adequate rest and really healthy diet as much as possible.
*Medical Stigmata (short bright green verticals at palm outer edge above Heart line) reveal strong desire for guiding, healing, and aiding mankind and helpless beings. This sign is most often found in palms of those in the medical, teaching, guidance, or therapy fields.
*Apollo lines (violet vertical lines running up into Apollo mount. These lines are not always present in the palm, thus are considered accessory lines. Presence of an Apollo line reveals love of beauty, music and the arts) show early thirties is when clients creative expression becomes more important in his everyday life. Client possesses a talent that will carry him well into old age (note main line ends at Apollo crease, where Apollo finger joins palm). I see a partial ring of Apollo, the sign of one who is an inspirational soul to those around him. I see a partnership or marriage that is good and dutiful in clients early forties (where Apollo line joins with white Fate line slightly above the Head line). I see another partnership after fifty that brings much fun and enjoyment.
*Fate lines are the long white vertical lines that run up into Saturn mount. Reveal life direction, devotion, and sense of life purpose. Also reveals ones satisfaction or dissatisfaction with personal social and financial standing in life. The Fate line is the most mutable of all palm lines as it fades when dissatisfied, and deepens when satisfaction returns. Clients Fate line begins in Luna area, a sign he must be allowed to express his creative energies to be truly happy in this life. Client possesses the spirited soul of a wanderer and adventurer; but he is also quite social and loves the attention of others. One of his Fate lines originates mid palm from the Life line and leans toward Jupiter mount, which is the line of public recognition. Another Fate line begins after age thirty five and this one also leans toward Jupiter mount, shows he needs to relate creative ideas to the public. The third Fate line (centered) reveals importance of family. There is a slightly faded spot in line when client is between thirty five and forty; and this fading of line reveals of distraction or stress.
*Ring of Jupiter (violet line at base of Jupiter finger) signifies unusual wisdom, and sympathetic soul. This is a wonderful sign found in palms of teachers, therapists and excellent managers.
*Ambition lines (long yellow vertical lines beginning from Life line and running up into Jupiter mount) I see at least four which is an unusual amount, literally off the charts!
*Line of public recognition (yellow lines stretching from Life line toward space between Jupiter and Saturn mounts) reveals strong need for being appreciated.
*Types of Anxiety lines: lines of divided anxiety (yellow lines running from within Life line toward Saturn mount) reveal strong desire for balancing home life with career. Anxiety lines for lasting friendships run from within Life line toward Apollo mount. Lines of anxiety for material acquisition run from within Life line toward Mercury mount and palm outer edge; this clients lines are especially strong which is a fortunate omen of attaining financial freedom.
*Rays of Influence (yellow horizontal lines cutting through Venus mount) reveal many strong friendships as well as concern for family members.
*Luna mount is defined with lines of intuition (arched violet lines); lines of mental travel; an island of premonition and psychic dreams; crosses of unusual imagination; and square of protection while traveling over bodies of water.

Non Dominant Hand
Silent Hand

Lets look at left palm lines and markings: clients silent hand which reveals subjective nature and inner, dreamy response toward environment and society rules.
*Life line (in silent hand Life line reveals emotional status rather than physical state) begins with big emotional interference from relatives in clients early youth. A triangle of focus and strong personal effort is positioned on outside of Life line from late teens through twenty; followed by two close together moves or changes of life style. Age twenty five through thirty involved tons of focus and intense personal effort ~ note two large triangles positioned on outside edge of Life line. At this time it involved a big move or change of life style ~ note large x positioned between triangles on outside of Life line. Age thirty five shows a rather long upward line of ambition and effort on Life line which shows this was a good time for attracting lifelong friends and associates. Life line appears to double from late thirties through mid forties, sign of increased emotional resistance which client will need so he can effectively deal with subsequent interference from relatives ~ note bevy of brown cross marks close inside Life line. After age fifty there is relief from nagging relatives; and a strong Mars Sister line bolsters emotional resistance toward further interference.
*Head line begins dipped beneath Life line beginning which reveals the soul of a rebel. A large triangle positioned atop Head line reveals strong mental focus and sense of direction from pre teens through late teens, an incredible thing for a young boy! Quality of Head line is deep, unwavering, and LONG; which shows superior oratory or debate skills. A small island embeds Head line in late forties; which indicates a division of mental focus during that time. Client quickly returns to normal status, and will experience no mental frailty in his golden years because his Head line ending is not frayed.
*Heart line begins at palm outer edge with a lot of feathering but mostly upward which shows happiness in early youth. Significant chaining of line begins from late teens through age twenty five. Heart line triples in early thirties and this shows greater ability for loving BUT also greater tendency for being hurt in love. Heart line smoothes afterwards and this reveals normal flow of loving energies. Early fifties indicate more doubling of Heart line, as well as a triple fork Heart line ending configuration. The triple fork is a classic sign of emotional, financial, and physical happiness in choice of marriage partner. Inwardly this client feels he made a fortunate choice of life mate.
*Affection lines show up well in left palm frontal image and I do see five: WOW! That is a lot of love and emotional support. These lines mirror the affection lines of right palm, except for one short uplifted line between the two major affection lines. I feel this additional short uplifted line represents an intense love one of clients future children.
*Girdle of Venus appears complete and doubled near the bottom edge, which shows an unusual amount of passion and enthusiasm for the people and activities client favors.
*Child lines show at least three, possibly four beloved children in this hand.
*Mercury, otherwise called Health line is noticeably frayed in this palm, a sign of inner nervousness client masks from the outside world. This causes stress which can cause a myriad of health problems related to heart and digestive disturbances. Client gets a better handle on this nervousness after age forty.
*Empathy lines (positioned where Medical stigmata are in right palm on Mercury mount) show deep love for aiding and assisting needy beings. A writers cross (bright green x) positioned in center of Mercury mount is a sign of innate literary talent.
*Apollo lines show multiple collaborative skills with outsiders. Client is meant to work with others, such a negotiator he is! Looking at his Apollo configuration and putting this together with his lengthy middle finger segments and long Mercury fingers: I see a strong communicator , excellent negotiator, defender of others rights --and an electric, impassioned public speaker.
*Fate lines also begin in left palm mainly from Luna area which means client was born to create and weave his deepest feelings into all projects, public or private. Client possesses three Fate line branches: the inner one leaning toward Jupiter mount is a line of public recognition; the next reveals his family is in the public eye and appearances are important; the third line shows eternal love and devotion toward family, that clients family becomes a career in itself.
*Ring of Jupiter mirrors right palm and shows innate ability for sensing others unspoken needs, desires or motives. Client is a deep well of sympathy and understanding toward loved ones.
*Ambition line (long yellow vertical line beginning from Life line and running up to Jupiter crease) is one of the longest I have ever observed! Success is unavoidable with a line like this.
*Lines of public recognition are multiple and reveal love for basking in the adoration of the public eye.
*Anxiety lines;lines of divided anxiety emphasize deep concern for balance of home life with profession. And I see equally great concern for lasting friendships and business relationships.
*Rays of influence portray a multitude of enduring friendship throughout clients lifetime; as well as strong family ties.
*Luna mount markings are not as apparent in silent palm, which means client has achieved great sensitivity and intuitive skills through sheer inner will ~ so he has exceeded his potential.
Lets summarize and answer clients questions:
1.) When is marriage in the picture? Will I have children as well? My Answer ~ The Apollo and Fate line juncture of right palm indicate a partnership or marriage in your early forties, The Apollo and Fate juncture of left palm shows the partnership or marriage a little later, more like your mid forties. My interpretation there says you get married earlier but do not adjust to the union emotionally until a couple of years later. And yes, I see at least three children: long child lines that indicate male children in right palm. Left palm shows the possibility of a fourth child, maybe inner wishes for a girl child.
2.) Will I be successful in my career? My Answer ~ your right palm shows a dimmer area in Fate line between age thirty five and forty; but you are past that doubtful stage of life now. Focus is what it is all about, and you most certainly possess that. Your communication skills, oratory and debate talents, sensitivity toward others plights and inventive ideas will all aid in your success. Also of note are your long ambition line in left palm and four long ambition lines in right palm which means success is unavoidable. Starting now is your prime time. The public will adore your efforts.
3.) What about health issues? My Answer ~ looking at your left palm, you will see a small island embeds your Head line in your late forties; and this indicates a division of mental focus during that time. This island is a classic sign of stress. Head in right palm is deep and straight through late forties; but an embedded cross mark near age fifty reveals an obstacle or possible injury to your face or head. So my interpretation is you need to slow down a little and take better stock of your surroundings at that stage of life. You can avoid a possible accident if pre warned. Try assigning less important tasks to helpmates, so YOU can concentrate on the more important issues of your life and career. You are such a good communicator and you possess ability to charm others into your way of thinking. Quoting from your right palm Heart line: 'In your early fifties, I see a red cross mark positioned on Heart line which indicates an obstacle at that stage of life. This is a time to take better care of physical being so take care of heart by eating a heart healthy diet.' So it looks like especially in your late forties early fifties you will need to concentrate on improving health habits and being more careful of your physical being. Remember our bodies are our temples. Other than these signs your palms are over all fortuitous!

*If any of you have questions or comments, feel free to contact me.*

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Side Images of Palms

Affections Lines
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Affection Lines
Left Side of Palm
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