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MTrue's Mystery Palm
Child lines are tiny orange verticals joined to Mercury Crease where little finger joins palm
3 orange Child lines -Mercury Crease


"Special Markings in the Palm"

Dear Readers ~
I've decided to do something out of the norm again for May and have written an informative article about palm markings for you. If you've forgotten where your palm mounts are - there is an illustration of palm mount locations below this article.

There are a multitude of palmar lines and markings, which aren’t part of the Major and Minor lines. Knowledge of these adds special intrigue and meaning to your palm reading. It all depends on where the markings are located in the palm; and if there are at least two signs that have similar significance. Always look for twin clues so you can perform a thorough, personalized palm reading. Here are some of the most observed Special Markings:
The Cross : generally interpreted as an obstacle that needs to be overcome.
Found on the Jupiter mount - the sign of a happy marriage. Found on the Saturn mount - either accident-prone or lacking confidence. On the Apollo mount – if the cross has a ‘tail’ or line attached underneath, this indicates success despite roadblocks. Without a ‘tail’, a tendency to trust enemies, and difficulty obtaining desired goals. On the Mercury mount – the “writer’s cross”, indicates natural literary ability. On the Luna mount – unusual imagination. On the Venus mount - interference from family if close to Life line; otherwise interference from friends.
The Grille: Generally indicates a complex personality. The horizontal lines indicate obstacles blocking the vertical lines, which represent efforts to succeed.
On the Jupiter mount – I, me, me, mine – what an egotist! On the Saturn mount – Very scattered energy and ensuing health problems. On the Apollo mount – a ‘fun-loving monkey’ that thrives on any kind of attention. On the Mercury Mount – a sneaky character dishonest with others, and self-delusional. On the Luna mount – a ‘fusspot’ full of stress and anxiety. On the Venus mount – magnetic; oozing sexual pheromones.
The Island: Generally means a ‘division of energies’.
On the Jupiter mount - family problems interfere with career. On the Saturn mount - must learn to conserve energy. On the Apollo mount - possible harm to reputation. On the Mercury mount - a crafty character who needs to exercise honesty more often. On the Luna mount – psychic flashes; dreams that foretell future events. On the Venus mount – a sexual dynamo; usually has multiple partners.
The Square: Generally indicates a ‘protective influence’.
On the Jupiter mount – An inspiring, memorable teacher. The double square indicates a master teacher. On the Saturn mount – protection from illness or loss. On the Apollo mount – protection from enemies that harm one’s reputation. On the Mercury Mount – protection from physical harm. On the Luna mount – protection while traveling. On the Venus mount – strong survival instinct.
The Star: This marking looks like a cross with at least five points. The star generally indicates success.
On the Jupiter mount – overnight success and recognition. On the Saturn mount - large financial loss or physical danger. Problems can be averted if the client is informed of this unfortunate marking. On the Apollo mount - brilliant success, recognition and popularity. On the Mercury mount - brilliant success in communication, business, public speaking and literature. On the Luna mount –problems traveling over water. If connected to the end of the Head line – a most unusual imagination some interpret as eccentricity or insanity. On the Venus mount - lucky in love.
The Triangle: Generally indicates great effort and success in overcoming obstacles. The ‘obstacle’ is indicated by the horizontal line, while the adjoining lines depict strength and pluck to succeed.
On the Jupiter mount – a ‘powerhouse’ with managerial skills. On the Saturn mount – one with deep interest in occult matters. On the Apollo mount – artistic aspirations prove to be fruitful! On the Mercury mount – the diplomat, armed with military skills. On the Luna mount – common sense combined with keen intuition. On the Venus mount – kisses but doesn’t tell; selective in romantic conquests.
The Trident : A powerful marking, indicating bursting, positive energy.
On the Jupiter mount – a dashing operator with loads of spirited self-assurance. On the Saturn mount – a philosopher and financially secure senior citizen. On the Apollo mount – fame and fortune. On the Mercury Mount – a ‘silver bullet’ with shrewd business skills. (This marking isn’t observed on the Luna or Venus mounts).
Bars are small horizontal lines that intersect Major or Minor lines. Bars indicate blockage or injury to the energy flow of that particular line. For example, a bar on the line of Apollo indicates trusting enemies or having to fight for recognition. On the Fate line, a bar indicates frustration in one’s career or climb to success. On the Head line a bar indicates injury to the face or head. On the Heart line a bar indicates emotional upset. On the Life line, a bar represents an abrupt alteration of health, or frustrating, unpleasant change of life style.
Scars make a difference as well, depending on where located, and if self-inflicted or caused by others. For example, a person may subconsciously maim a finger to release repression of resentment. He may ‘accidentally’ cut a finger because of resenting an unpleasant duty such as cleaning, so he won’t have to finish the job. In a right-handed person’s case, a scar on the right hand symbolizes a wound to ego, or the objective. A scar on the left hand wounds one’s subjective or emotional pain and turmoil.
Warts located in the palm or on the fingers express conflict or unresolved problems. When the wart disappears, the problem is solved.
Moles and Freckles emphasize the characteristics of a particular finger, mount or line. For example, a freckle on the middle phalange of the Mercury (little) finger emphasizes one’s desire to marry the right partner. This person may wait a little longer than most others to make a commitment.

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Palm Mounts
Location of Palm Mounts



mtrue1@centurylink.net if you wish your Q&A published . . .

Absence of Fingerprints

Question:Dear MTrue ~
I can't see any fingerprints on my fingertips. Do you know anything about this or have you seen this in anyone else's hands? Elsa
Answer:Dear Elsa ~ No, personally I have not seen this in reading my many clients palms - but from what I've read, you possess a rare condition called Adermatoglyphia. Smithsonian has a good article about your condition: http://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/adermatoglyphia-genetic-disorder-people-born-without-fingerprints-180949338/?no-ist

Question: Dear MTrue ~ I am wondering if my career will finally take hold here in Pakistan or will I have to travel elsewhere for maximum success in life? ~ S.A.
A: Dear S.A. ~ your Life line reveals tremendous effort (tiny upward lines) and several moves/changes of life style in youth and early twenties. At age thirty I see a significant move -- and after then destiny will have many travels in store. So my answer to you is that you are a go-getter and success will take off in Pakistan; but you will be doing much travel for your career throughout your life time. The "trident" ending of your Fate line (white vertical) on Saturn mount reveals philosophical nature with good financial fortune and comfort in your old age. Happy Trails to you!
Note illustration below:

Hand of major use.
Life line is brown colored line; Fate line is white.
Right Palm
Rajah Loop, Family help, Apollo Mount Trident

Question: Dear MTrue ~ I am 31 years of age, male, right handed. Can you please check my right palm to determine if I achieve success in my career? I have nothing good happening in my career financially presently.~ HS
Answer: Dear HS ~ I see you possess a Rajah Loop (white loop dermal located between pointer and middle finger mounts) - which is a sign of royal bearing and superior leadership skills. You also possess an Apollo trident (purple trident marking on Apollo mount) - sign of public recognition for outstanding efforts. An inner Fate line(white vertical lines) reveals soon you will be receiving assistance from a family member - this person will give you the advice, backing and confidence you require for success. Accept their offer graciously!

Modified Simian Configuration
Heart and Head line combined

Question: Dear MTrue ~ I have a deep passion for Palmistry and Numerology. Do you see potential of Spiritual advancement for me in this Life. I am Age 43, female and possess all 'whorl' patterns on fingertips, except little fingers which are peacock whorls.
Answer: Heart line(red) joins with Head line(blue) to form a modified Simian configuration. The bearer of true Simian configuration is either a perfect sinner or saint; as the Simian is known for going to extremes. Your doubled Girdle of Venus(pink lines above Heart line) reveal passion and fervor for people and activities you favor. Centered solid Fate line (white vertical) shows focus and devotion to life purpose. Ring of Jupiter (purple ring on pointer finger mount) reveals knowledge of and empathy for other's unspoken needs. Medical Stigmata (short bright green lines on little finger mount)indicate desire for healing. Triad dermal positioned on Luna mount reveals placing others needs above ones own. Whorl patterns on finger tips reveal masterful qualities; purity and strength of character. You also possess St Joseph's crosses (blue crosses joining Fate with Life line), which reveal one who travels long distances in order to assist others. So yes, I'd say you possess a spiritual hand and also will continue to develop in that direction in the future.

Long Head line
Sydney Line

Question: Is this a modified Simian (combo of Head and Heart lines) or a Sydney Configuration?

Answer:At first I thought this was a Modified Simian -- but there's too much of a Heart line (even thought it's a Heart line with no beginning). The Head line cuts off the Luna Quadrant which is typical of the Sydney line. For those who are just learning about their palms, the Sydney line is a very long Head line. Michael Douglas the famous actor possesses a Sydney line. He had learning difficulties as a child but once he caught up - boy did he excel!!

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