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watery palm lines
Right Palm

"Caring Soul Who Needs Care"

Dear Readers ~
Let’s begin with examining shape and characteristics of palm: long, intricately-lined pale palm with thin conic-tipped fingers indicate the ‘Water Sensitive’ category. ‘Water’ palms exhibit many fine watery main and accessory lines; palm shape tends toward narrow width and long length. Water people feel everything deeply and profoundly. They retain knowledge for longer periods before showing response, more so than the other palm categories. Water people possess intuitive preternatural gifts; and they respond with gentle caring thoughtfulness. These characteristics ring true to this client’s astrological Sun sign of Cancer the crab.
Thumb is set at a moderate level; thumb tip is well-fleshed to show good sense of ego. Thumb chain (chain-like line connecting thumb with palm) is remarkably smooth – reveals client has no taste for argument. Mid-segment of thumb is heavily-lined with horizontals or ‘rings’. I usually see one ring on middle thumb segment – but this client possesses more than four rings. In Vedic palmistry four rings are considered a great blessing – that the bearer of four rings will possess all the riches and recognition of a king – thus considered a lucky sign.
Because Luna mount appears puffier in comparison to Venus mount tells me this client is a more mental than physical person by nature. Many fine lines and crisscrosses on outer edge above Luna mounts of both palms indicate client needs intestines checked by a good medical doctor.
Let’s look at right palm lines and markings client’s hand of major use which reveals objective nature and outward response toward her environment and society’s rules.
*Life line (brown line begins between thumb and Jupiter finger, and travels around Venus mount down into palm base. Reveals physical vitality one can expect throughout one’s lifetime; moves/changes of lifestyle; also interference from relatives and friends) begins quite high in palm – sign of ambition and self-starting nature for being one’s own boss. Small brown ‘cross marks’ (x) embed beginning of Life line and reveal several obstacles in early age. I see lots of resistance and interference coming from peers or outsiders when in early youth. At this same stage of life, there are many upward ‘effort lines’ positioned on Life line outer edge – and indicate successful personal efforts. I see a big move/change of lifestyle in client’s early twenties -- and Life line although thin, appears to double. Thinness of line shows weakness of vitality and tendency for refinement – but doubling indicates strength and lusty outlook on life. When in mid to late twenties, an upward ‘effort line’ reveals a very successful personal effort. After then Life line becomes a single line; and a couple of incidents of interference from close relatives saps client’s strength. I see a small move/change of lifestyle (small brown ‘x’ positioned on Life line outer edge beneath upward effort line) in client’s early thirties, prompted by interference from a relative (not immediate), possibly a friend. A ‘star mark’ positioned on Venus mount at this same stage reveals luck in love. Positioning of Venus star is good - because it is high - closer to the wrist, less lucky in love. Even though Life line is thin and watery in quality, multiple Mars Sister Lines (orange lines) embellish Venus mount. These symbolize physical reserve in times of need. I see another move/change of lifestyle at age thirty-five. During early forties, increased sexuality is represented by ‘islands’ positioned on Venus mount. There is a hidden illness in client’s mid-forties; and the ‘triangle’ that surrounds this illness shows two obstacles overcome by personal will in this matter. Survival instincts (‘square marks’ on Venus mount) kick in during and after this struggle. Age fifty brings another obstacle (large ‘x’ embedded in Life line) and this time it appears to be prompted by interference from a close relative. In early sixties, a small ‘triangle” reveals two obstacles are overpowered by inner will. I see doubling and tripling of Life line afterward (‘sister lines’), in golden years. Sister lines represent increased resistance toward overcoming stress.
*Head line (blue line begins between thumb and Jupiter mount, positioned above Life line. Reveals ones mental strength and direction – thus ability to succeed) begins with a ‘cross mark’ showing an obstacle (possible learning issue) overcome in early age. Head line continues relatively smoothly until client’s late twenties when a ‘cross bar’ appears. In palmistry the ‘bar’ on Head line usually indicates a period of depression. The Head line bar can also indicate possible injury to one’s head or throat. I see another smaller cross in client’s forties. Near age fifty, Head line splits mid-way to form a ‘fork’ pattern. This formation reveals a split point of view or ability for seeing through another’s eyes.
*Heart line (long split red line begins at palm outer edge and travels up to inner Jupiter mount. Reveals one’s capacity for loving) is definitely split -- shows significant interruption of loving feelings in early through late twenties. I see major disappointment with a love relationship in mid to late twenties (downward line on Heart line underside between Mercury and Apollo mount). A series of small embedded ‘cross marks’ appear during client’s forties and suggest heart issues—but note the small ‘square mark’ – called ‘square of protection’ – which represents being saved and protected from harm. Heart line appears a little stronger and thicker afterwards, and lands all the way up between Jupiter and Saturn mounts – sign of devotion – with tinges of possessiveness.
*Marriage Cross (small red ‘x’ mark positioned on outer Jupiter mount) reveals potential for one successful marriage.
*Affection line (short red horizontal line:*see right side view) shows two meaningful love relationships in client’s lifetime. Bottom affection line represents the first relationship near age thirty; and a second love relationship after age thirty-five (that is because upper line is positioned more than halfway up outer edge of Mercury mount).

Outer Edge of Palm
Right Side View

*Child lines (short orange verticals attached to Mercury crease – where little finger joins palm) reveal love for two children – most likely both are female.
*Empathy lines (bright green verticals under Mercury mount) show deep love for children.
*Apollo line (violet vertical begins at Head line and runs up into Apollo mount. Reveals love of beauty, music and the arts) shows success in a creative field before and after age thirty-five. I also see a successful partnership in and after client’s forties. I see a slight, watery ‘trident’ formation on Apollo mount – sign of notable public recognition.
*Line of life long Influence (yellow horizontal line begins at palm outer edge and travels to cut through Head line and Fate line, then connect with Life line) reveals client meets a person or experiences an event that flavors the rest of her life – and this initially occurs in her mid to late twenties (point where influence line joins Life line).
*Fate line (long white vertical line begins at palm base and travels up into Saturn mount. Reveals devotion to life path; plus satisfaction or dissatisfaction with personal social and financial standing in life) begins strongly assisting Life line – but line begins positioned un-centered more toward Luna mount. Positioning from Luna mount shows creative nature and intense need for self-expression. I see devotion to a creative talent all through client’s teens and young adulthood; and a partnership at thirty-five (note additional Fate line growing from Head line). At age forty the lines join and continue as one all the way up into Saturn – shows a long relationship, despite an obstacle (‘x’). I see a tendency for problems having children because of the ‘x’ and all the obstacle lines at palm outer edge – however other signs in this palm overpower this obstacle. I am not professing to be a medical doctor but because of all the signs put together, I feel this client should not consider having more than two children – otherwise it could be too injurious to her overall health.
*Mercury/Health lines (darker green verticals connected to Life and Fate lines and running near palm outer edge) are frayed and multiple. What palmists want to see is one firm deep line. Frayed lines show nervousness that causes intestinal issues. Client needs to find a good medical doctor to address these issues. Sometimes inflammation of intestines causes terrible pressure like a bladder infection. Another issue to consider is hormonal imbalance – this also mimics urinary tract infections. Client must go to a gynecologist and an internist for the best answers and remedies.
*Luna mount (reveals dreams, creativity, psychic gifts, and unusual imagination) contains a couple of deep lines of intuition; crosses of unusual imagination; and is rosy in coloring. What bothers me is how dimpled outer edge of Luna mount appears from side view – which leads me to believe client has a hormone imbalance.
*Rays of Influence (multiple fine yellow lines emanating from inner Venus mount and contained within Life line) signify many friends and associations throughout client’s life time – just look at the admirable amount of rays!
*Anxiety lines (fine yellow lines running from inside Life line then toward Saturn mount; Apollo mount; and outer palm edge) reveal respectively: desire for balancing home life and career; desire for lasting friendships and associations; and desire for security of assets and financial freedom.
Line of family concern is the deeply-cut horizontal crease positioned midway through Venus mount. Client’s line is quite deep which shows strong love and concern for family members.
*Wrist rascettes symbolize twenty-five to thirty years of life each. The ancient Chinese believed three wrist rings to be a sign of good fortune and happiness. Client possesses at least three lines I can view from her images – but look at second ring from the top and the way it is broken. This tells me this client’s second child birthing will be difficult.
*Saint Joseph’s Cross is that big blue colored ‘x’ connecting Life line with Fate line and is the sign of one willing to travel in order to assist other. This is a rather unusual sign and is of course the sign of a true ‘giver in life’ – often seen in palms of missionaries, doctors, nurses, therapists, councilors, and caregivers.
Let’s summarize and answer Client’s questions:
1.) What about the biggest issue – my health? My Answer ~ I believe your best option is to go to a specialist (Dr. of Internal Medicine) and a Gynecologist. If I were you I would go to the Gynecologist first and see if this can be remedied with hormone creams, hormone pills, or a combination of BOTH. You need to have regular check-ups every six months to a year to make sure you are getting the right amount. When you are in your forties you will need to take extra care of your heart and in doing so you will live a lot longer. Your fifties will be interesting and it appears you will be well enough for many travels.
2.) Will I have Children? My Answer ~ Yes – I see two children for you – most likely girls. With the Mercury stress lines; Saturn crosses; and Opposition lines in both palms, I think you should limit your body to having two children. Now to answer your question about birth of children, and I see two signs:
*Fate line of Right palm is positioned off center near the Luna area of palm – meaning you are a creative soul. I see a change of life direction in your late twenties (close to age thirty); another change at thirty-five. Having a baby certainly changes life direction and life style!
*First child: Life line of Right palm - I see a small move/change of lifestyle (small brown ‘x’ positioned on Life line outer edge beneath upward effort line) in your early thirties, prompted by interference from a relative (not immediate), possibly a friend. A ‘star mark’ positioned on Venus mount at this same stage reveals luck in love. Positioning of your star is good because it is high. Because closer to the wrist, less lucky in love. Even though your Life line is thin and watery in quality, multiple Mars Sister Lines (orange lines) embellish your Venus mount. These symbolize physical reserve in times of need.
*And Second child: I see another move/change of lifestyle at age thirty-five. The second child indicates some birthing difficulties (second wrist rascette), so with this in mind it probably is best for you to just have the two children.
3.) Why does my Heart line look so different from the classic Heart line configuration? My Answer ~ A wonderful question Dace. You say your Mother’s is similar and that is because palm line configurations can be inherited. No two palms are alike- but within families there will often be similar configurations of main and accessory lines. Your particular configuration shows devotion, possessiveness and tons of emotional labor. It shows you worry over others excessively and this takes a toll on your well-being.
*Added Note: if 'islands' on the Life line lighten, that means an illness fades - which would be a positive sign that you are taking preventative steps toward improving your health. What we want to see is a good deep and solid Life line or at least a good deep inner Mars Sister line containing no islands.

*If any of you have concerns or comments, feel free to contact me.*

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